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Jet Dyeing Machine for Textile Industry
Jet Dyeing Machine

An overview of Jet Dyeing Machine for Dyeing Factory

Jet Dyeing Machine:

Jet dyeing Machine generally used for dyeing fabric, dyeing polyester, dyeing clothe and others type of dyeing. Jet m/c resemble becks in that a continuous loop of fabric is circulated through the machine. There are different types of dyeing technique applied in dyeing machine like disperse dyes, reactive dyes, vat dyes, acid dyes, organic dyes etc. After Jet m/c fabric goes for Slitting Machine. 

Features of Jet dyeing machine of Dyeing Factory:

  1. A high speed jet of dyeing machine for vat dyes liquid created by transports the fabric through the cloth guide tube of the jet machine.
  2. A jet machine for acid dyes have cloth guide tube for each loop of fabric being processed.
  3. A powerful pump circulates the liquor through a heat exchanger outside of the main vessel and back into the jet machine for reactive dyes
  4. The fabric moves at high velocity of 200-800 meters per minute while it is in the cloth guide tube of dyeing factory.
  5. The fabric leaving the cloth guide tube enters a larger capacity cloth chamber and gradually advances back toward the cloth guide tube.
  6. This machine is also used for dyeing polyester

Advantages of Jet Dyeing Machine for Organic Dyes:

  1. It is used for dyeing polyester in dyeing factory
  2. Vigorous agitation of fabric and dyeformulation in the cloth tube increases the acid dyes rate and uniformity.
  3. Rapid circulation of fabric through the machine minimizes creasing because the fabric is not held in any one configuration very long.
  4. Lengthwise tension for disperse dyes on the fabric is low so the fabric develops bulk and fullness of handle.
  5. Dyeing at high temperature of about 130C gives rapid dyeing, improved dyeutilization, improved fastness properties and makes possible the elimination of carriers required when dyeing at lower temperatures.
  6. The lower liquor ratio used in jetdyeing allows shorter dye cycles and saveschemicals and energy.

Standard Operating Procedure of Dyeing Factory:

Autogarment dyeing factory follows its own quality management system. Every department has a SOP (Standard operating procedure). According to SOP all function are being done. There are some essential forms and register for proper functioning each department. All function are documented in respective department.

We follow 4 point system for inspection of greige fabric and finished fabric. In this system AQL limit is 28. Our main customer is Autogarment dyeing factory. we purchased yarn, dyes & chemicals. There is a checking system of every raw material. If its quality is pass, then its goes for using in production. Our main production division is knitting, dyeing and finishing.

A standard production processes of dyeing factory follow:


Greige fabric inspection




Inspection of Finished fabric

RFD (Ready for Delivery)

A dyeing factory have a standard Organogram. According to Organogram all recruitments are being done.


Before Insulation After Insulation
Date Time For Temp. Increasing (45-98)°C Time For Temp. Decreasing (98-80)°C Date Time For Temp. Increasing (45-98)°C Time For Temp. Decreasing (98-80)°C
18.12.2012 09m46s 06m02s 17.01.2013 08m17s 05m44s
20.12.2012 08m30s 05m48s 23.01.2013 07m20s 05m00s
22.12.2012 09m10s 04m50s 29.01.2013 08m25s 04m07s
06.01.2013 12m30s 06m34s 30.01.2013 08m22s 05m25s
07.01.2013 19m03s 10m40s 31.01.2013 09m07s 06m10s
18.12.2012 15m46s 08m02s 05.01.2013 11m30s 07m13s
20.12.2012 15m17s 08m26s 06.01.2013 14m42s 07m36s
22.12.2012 16m20s 09m10s 07.01.2013 11m11s 07m24s
09.01.2013 14m50s 13m35s 05.05.2013 14m10s 10m15s
10.01.2013 14m53s 08m02s 06.052013 12m12s 07m20s
12.01.2013 18m03s 09m33s 07.05.2013 11m51s 08m15s
13.01.2013 14m53s 08m34s 08.05.2013 10m09s 07m02s
16.06.2013 08m40s 07m00s 01.08.2013 05m22s 05m59s
17.06.2013 08m20s 07m20s 02.08.2013 05m10s 06m30s
18.06.2013 09m10s 05m30s 03.08.2013 06m00s 05m00s
19.06.2013 10m25s 07m10s 04.08.2013 06m52s O6m22s
24.05.2013 12m55s 07m45s 01.07.2013 10m03s 05m19s
25.05.2013 14m40s 05m20s 02.07,2013 09m08s 04m10s
26.05.2013 13m45s 09m15s 03.07.2013 10m01s 04m50s
27.05.2013 15m20s 05m19s 04.07.2013 10m20s 04m45s
24.05.2013 19m20s 09m10s 27.07.2013 10m03s 06m10s
25.05.2013 18m16s 05m55s 28.07.2013 10m15s 05m01s
26.05.2013 16m54s 08m15s 29.07.2013 11m25s 07m10s
27.05.2013 18m37s 07m45s 30.07.2013 11m20s 06m04s


Before Insulation
Date Temp. of 01´´ Valve Temp. of 02´´ Valve Temp. of 04´´ Valve Temp. of 06´´ Valve
19.12.2012 98°C 95°C 100°C 98°C
20.12.2012 95°C 98°C 97°C 96°C
22.12.2012 98°C 97°C 95°C 95°C
23.12.2012 95°C 98°C 98°C 98°C
After Insulation
Date Temp. of 01´´ Valve Temp. of 02´´ Valve Temp. of 04´´ Valve Temp. of 06´´ Valve
03.03.2013 42°C 38°C 36°C 42°C
04.03.2013 40°C 38°C 34°C 40°C
05.03.2013 36°C 37°C 35°C 36°C
07.03.2013 32°C 39°C 40°C 41°C


Before Insulation
Date Heat Exchanger Temp. When M/C Temp. Inside Temp. is 100°C
18.12.2012 128°C
19.12.2012 130°C
20.12.2012 130°C
22.12.2012 132°C
After Insulation
Date Heat Exchanger Temp. When M/C Temp. Inside Temp. is 100°C
09.01.2013 68°C
10.01.2013 70°C
15.01.2013 65°C
20.01.2013 72°C

Findings for Disperse Dyes and Other Dyes in Dyeing Area

  • Need to clean & waterless beside of Overflow machine area
  • Passage marking for all dyeing section
  • Need to clean color room (Found poly, west water, empty dram)
  • Electric cables & Electric board should be transfer in old color room. It’s found open & coverless.
  • Danger sign for SDP board
  • Need to create separate area for empty chemical dram or container & it’s also designated.
  • Jute bag should be transfer from dyeing area for free passage
  • Some electric cables found coverless in finishing area. It is looking danger
  • Need to area marking for keeping trolley
  • Need to clean in thread store
  • Ensure all worker should use their PPE, in this act need to collect a list of PPE

Limitation of Jet Dyeing Machines:

Some limitation of jet m/c is described below-

jet dyeing for dyes for dyeing polyester
Jet Dyeing Machines
  1. Capital and maintenance costs are higher for this machine and for disperse dyes
  2. Limited accessibility makes cleaning between dyeing and sampling for colorduring the dye cycle difficult.
  3. The jet action tends to make formulations foam in partially flooded jet machines for organic dyes.
[1] Md. Ferdus Alam, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Southeast University, Cell # 1723300700, Email- ferdus.j@gmail.com

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