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Inspection Machine and Technical Maintenance

Inspection Machine

  • Actions to rectify defects are not taken immediately. Defects of inline and end of line inspections are not recorded. Insufficient number of inline QCs.
  • No records of pre-production meetings with any subcontractors (e.g. washing, embroidery, printing).
  • No copy of buyer’s safety requirement available. Metal detector is unable to detect test card. No pull test equipment available. Button pull testing procedure does not meet with the George standard. Broken needle procedure is in place but not effective as broken parts were found e.g. in maintenance room.
  • George technical manual not available. No hardcopy of customer manuals available overall and in each section where relevant. Quality in charge does not fully understand customer requirements.
  • Lighting found below the required FC plus.

Inspection Issue

Inspection Machine , Testing & Maintenance: Weekly
Sprinkler heads
Sprinkler Piping
Control Valves
Pumper Connections (Fire Department pumper

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance: Monthly
Physical damage of sprinkler heads
Corrosion or leaks of sprinkler piping
Post indicator control valves

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance: Quarterly
Water flow devices
Valve supervisory devices
Supervisory signal devices (except valve supervisory switches)
Priming water
Low air pressure alarms
Quick-opening devices
Main Drains

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance: Weekly
Control Valve – (sealed)

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance: Monthly
Control Valve – (locked)
Control Valve – (tamper switches)

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance: Quarterly
Fire Department Connection
Hose Valves
Low Air Pressure Alarms
Main Drain
Pressure Regulating Devices and Connections
Waterflow AlarmsInspection, Testing & Maintenance: Semiannually
Control Valve – (tamper switches)

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance: Annually
Fire Hose
Hose Connections
Hose Connection/Pressure Regulating Devices
Hose Nozzles
Hose Racks
Hose Storage Device
Main Drain
Pressure Reducing Valves
Valves (all types)

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance: Annually
Flow Test Most Remote Hose Connection
Hydrostatic Test (dry systems or pipe)
Pressure Control Valve
Pressure Reducing Valve

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance: Semiannually
Supervisory Switches
Valve tamper alarm

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance: Annually
Position (Control Valve)
Full flow
Pressure relief valves
Backflow Prevention Assemblies
Lubrication of Control Valves
Preaction /Deluge Valves- If Applicable
Hanger/seismic bracing
Pipe and Testing

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