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Define I Manager Software Setting for Lectra Plotter

How to Setup I Manager Software for Lectra Plotter

Lectra Plotter by I Manager Software

I Manager Software is used for Lectra Plotter  setting and for HPGL viewer. If you install I manager than you will get plotter list in start menu otherwise you don’t get this menu. I manager is used for printer creation. Please remember, Imanager is very sensitive. If you do any wrong configuration than your will face trouble again and again. to overcome it you will need to setup windows again and install again I manager freshly. If you don’t go for formant than you can configure in different profile. If you configure it in separate profile than you need not to setup windows again. Below we are showing how to configure Plotter for marker, pattern and mini printer with the help of  I manager.  We are sole agent of all Garment and Textile ERP Software companies. We will forward you to the best ERP software company based on your requirements.  We are trouble shooter of fashion industrial software like Willcom, Barudan, Lectra, Gerber, iEcho, Datacolor, Shedomaster, Batch, Qc etc

Path: Program file – VigiPrint-Password – 123-ok

I Manager Software Procedure
I Manager Software Procedure

First Click Start Button –Then click All Program – Then click Lectra– Then click IManager– Then click Lectra Plotter List – Than click File– Than create New Plotter– Then HPGL Generator from combo box- Then click Next– Then assign printer name/ peripheral name – Then select default for Yes or no option button- Then click next button – Then click next button- Then click Plot test button –Then HPGL Generate directly. Now you need to create same name of assign printer name/ peripheral name in any drive of your computer. If you want to print mini print for buyer than select Windows printer instead of HPGL Generate directly – Then click OK– Then click Finish

I Manager Software Finish
I Manager Software Finish

We should install three plotter stated below-

  • Marker
  • Lectra Plotter
  • Miniprint

Setting and Format Change

First Click Start Button –Then click All Program – Then click Lectra– Then click IManager– Then click again IManager for setting and format change. If you click format button than you can change the page setting and other setting. After setting paper type click Ok button to fix it.

TextLib Configuration for Lectra Plotter

MARKER.LAB, PATERN.LAB, TEXT.LAB should be crated previously. There is some rules to create this 3 .LAB file. We will show you, how to create this types of files. Now we are showing the configuration path of MARKER.LAB, PATERN.LAB, TEXT.LAB in C directory below.  

First go to C drive. Then go to Lectra Folder. Then go to TextLib Folder. From Here MARKER.LAB, PATERN.LAB, TEXT.LAB etc  should be preserved for future use.

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