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How to Use Fire Extinguishers
How to Use Fire Extinguishers

How to Use Fire Extinguishers

How to Use Fire Extinguishers

Introduction: How to Use Fire Extinguishers. Fire is the burning of flammable or combustible substance thereby giving out heat and light. For fire to start, three things must be together;  fuel, heat and oxygen (these are the fire elements that forms what is known as the fire triangle). Fire is classified as A, B, C and D according to the material that is involved. Two fires were recorded on the Project last week. Fires mostly occurs during dry seasons, harmattan, when welding & cutting or grinding sparks come into contact with flammable materials (Paint) …

What Then Is Fire Prevention?

No illegal extra construction – all factories must have approved Bangladesh Building Certificate. No illegal sub contracting – All subcontracting must be VF approved prior to moving products. Quarterly fire drills must be held with 100% of the employees. Worker Participation Committees must be set up as per the Alliance Members Agreement. It is a practice or measures put in place to prevent fire from happening, the measures could be designs, procedures, practices & the use of approved equipment, etc. It also involved not allowing the fire element coming together.

Common Causes Of Fire


  • Esper Achkar
  • Civil Engineer
  • Liaise with the 3rd party engineering firm
  • Maintain and follow up on all corrective actions
  • Work with, follow up with, and educate factories directly
  • Carelessness (Unprotected welding, cutting & grinding sparks)
  • Poor storage and handling of flammable materials’ liquid and gases
  • Wrong smoking attitude
  • Inadequate removal of combustible waste
  • Use of faulty electrical equipment

Fire Prevention Guidelines

  • Scope of Inspections
  • Building Inspection
  • Records Review
  • Physical/Structural Testing
  • Thermographic scanning of electrical components
  • Evacuation Preparedness
  • Store flammable material in an approved container or area
  • Don’t smoke in forbidden areas
  • Remove combustible materials from hot work area
  • Always close valves of gas cylinders when not in use
  • Do not use faulty electrical equipment
  • Don’t overload electrical sockets
  • Do not weld or cut on close containers without management permit
  • Protect welding, cutting and grinding slag with enough fire blankets and screens.
  • Do not leave cooking /electrical appliances unattended
  • Provide enough fire extinguishers in all the work areas

In the Event of Fire

  • Raise an alarm by shouting “Fire” to attract other people around
  • Call Daewoo HSE on Ch3 or TSKJ Emergency Dispatch on TSKJ Ch 1
  • Fight the fire with fire extinguisher (Do not endanger yourself in the process)

How to Use the Fire Extinguishers

  • Break seal and remove safety pin
  • Direct nozzle to the base of fire
  • Squeeze handle to discharged content to the base of fire

Statement of Fire Fighting Equipment


In Factory “M” they have the following extinguishers and other auxiliary Fire fighting equipment to fight fire, the size of the factory is 35000 Square feet:


1) Fire Extinguisher*                                                              42pcs

    (ABC Dry Power -32pcs, CO-10pcs)


2) Hose Pipe                                                                            5pc(300 feet/hose pipe)

3) Water Bucket**                                                                 6pcs

4) Sand Bucket***                                                                 6pcs

5) Fire Hook                                                                           6pcs

6) Fire Beater                                                                          6pcs

7) Fire proof Hand Gloves                                                      6prs

8) Stretcher                                                                             2pcs

9) Lock Cutter                                                                        1pc

10) Axe                                                                                   1pc

11) Fire proof Blanket                                                            1pc


Note : Fire Extinguishers are checked periodically (Once every month)to see whether they are in good condition or not.

** Water Buckets are always kept with sufficient water.

*** Sand Buckets are always kept with sufficient sand

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