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Element of Polymer Science and Engineering

Polymer Science and Engineering

The word polymer has come from two Greek work “poly” and “mer”. Poly means many or more & mer means parts/units. So we can say that polymer is a large molecule build up by the repetition of small & simple chemical unit called polymer. Example of polymer science and engineering are plastic, co-hasive fiber, vernisher, elastomer etc.

Acrylic Monomer :

The small and simple chemicals from which are build up is known as monomer. Acrylic monomer is the same or nearly same of the repetition units of polymer. Ethylene is the monomer of polyethylene. n CH2=CH2→ [-CH2-CH2-] monomer  poly-ethelene(polymer)

Repeating Unit:

The small & simple chemical unit are repeated again & again during polymer formation.

nCH2=CH2→ [-CH2-CH2-]

Urethane Acrylate Oligomer :

The polymer those degrees of polymerization and molecular weight are up to 10 and 7 respectively is known an urethane acrylate oligomer .

[1] Imran Hossain, B. Sc. in Textile Engineering, Bangabandhu Textile Engineering College, Bangladesh

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