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Eccentric Slotter Machine Warking?

How Eccentric Slotter Machine Warking?

Eccentric Slotter Machine

Adopts lead edge feeding system of Eccentric Slotter Machine. Adjust wind volume according on cardboard bending degree to ensure feeding paper smoothly. Eccentric Slotter Machine can send the paperboard continuously or by partition equipped. It can adjusting feeding paper running ,relieve feeding glue roller’s pressure. Back support-paper platform manual adjusted. Generally eccentric slotter machine and automatic slotter machince and carton making machine and automatic corrugated box making machine are similar.

Eccentric Slotter Machine Detail

Max machine speed 01-100pcs/min
Max feeding size 2600x1600mm
Min feeding size 650x380mm
Thickness of Feeding Paper 3-10mm
Total power 14kw
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3Phase

Eccentric Slotter Machine – Feeding operate table

  • With independent intellectual property rights the lead edge of the paper feeding system. To adopt to warping board. Adopt to high speed.
  • Can be continuous or skip feeding paper.
  • Lead edge location, frequency conversion air volume control. In order to apply to all kinds of cardboard size. High precision feed.
  • Double feeding rolls. To reduce the damage for cardboard strength and ensure the life of the rubber roll.
  • Adjustable floating paper rubber system. Improve the feed accuracy.
  • Confetti brush and negative pressure dust removal system to remove cardboard surface dust.
    Eccentric Slotter Machine - Feeding operate table
    Feeding Module

Eccentric Slotter Machine – Front / back / lateral baffle part

  • Right & left baffle adopt computer and electric digital control.
  • Back baffle electric control.
  • Front baffle gap manual adjust.
  • Front baffle fixed position ,reduce feeding error, rise feeding and slotting precision.
  • Feeding roller spring back function ,can ensure the strength of cardboard.
  • Counter, setting & mentioned production quantity.

Eccentric Slotter Machine – Feeding roller part

  • Upper feeding roller diameter 154.94mm
  • Seamless steel tube,wrapped wear-resistant rubber and do dynamic balance.
  • Down feeding roller diameter 188.84mm.
  • Feeding roller gap manual adjust dial display, adjust range 2-12mm.

Eccentric Slotter Machine – Slotting Unit

  • The slotter shaft is hard-chrome plated write finely polished,  which makes long service life and gets no vibration during movement.
  • Upper and lower knife holder adopts screw shaft with united movement, which kipping the correct position for upper and lower knife and extending the service life of knife.
  • The transverse movement of each slotting knife holder installs the dual crashpro of protection device.
    Eccentric Slotter Machine - Slotting Unit
    Slotting Unit

Eccentric Slotter Machine- Creasing wheel & pre-creasing

  • Shaft diameter 110mm. Twice grinding ,surface hard chrome plate.
  • Creasing wheel gap manual adjust, dial display, adjust range 2-12mm.
  • Upper creasing wheel adopt good quality polyurethane(imported)

Slotting knife base lateral movement adjust system

  • Shaft diameter 154mm,twice grinding process, surface hard chrome plate.
  • Slotting knife width 7mm.
  • Guide roller diameter 110mm.twice grinding then hard chrome plated.
  • Slotting knife adopt good quality knife. high hardness.
  • Pre creasing wheel/creasing wheel. slotting knife lateral move sync adjust by electric, and have protect device, won’t damage eccentric slotter machine.
  • Have middle slotting knife, for two box combinate.
  • Box high adjust have protect device, won’t damage machine.

Slotting phase position adjust device and box height

  • Planetary gear structure.
  • Reducer motor drive 360 degree adjust(stop and running are can adjust)
  • Single shaft double slotting.box high adjust adopt inner gear construct,lubrication oil won’t soiled cardboard.

Stacker Unit-Optional

Receiving arm

  • Can be set to automatic or manual operation。
  • Receiving arm transmission belt can individually adjust the tightness, and free to chosen the number of receiving arm.       .
    Stacker Unit-Optional
    Stacker Unit-Optional

Machine table lift

  • Strong chain drive.
  • Palletization height is 1600 mm.
  • Lifting transmit motor of eccentric slotter machine table has break function, to maintain a fixed position,not decline.

Motor Part List

Feeding part

Item /Name Brand/Original Qty  Position
1 Worm gear motor Shanghai    2 Side baffle adjust
2 Main Fan Shanghai    1 Feeding suction fan
3 Converter motor Fukuta/Taiwan    1 Main motor

Slotting unit

Item Name Brand/Original Qty  Position
1 Worm gear motor Shanghai    1 Phase position adjust
2 Worm gear motor Shanghai    1 Box height adjust
3 Gear Reducer Motor Shanghai    5 Distance adjust


Item Name Brand/Original Qty  Position
1 Gear Reducer Motor Shanghai    1 Table up/down


Name Qty
Automatic slotter machine  S-1625 1 set
Include following units
Automatic lead edge feeder (With 4 shafts) 1 unit
Slotter unit ( electrical button ) 1 unit
FOB Shanghai port, USD58,100.=
Optional unit
Stacker: FOB Shanghai port, USD10,800.= 1 unit

Terms of payment: 40% advanced down payment by T/T, 60% payment before shipping by T/T after testing eccentric slotter machine in China.

Delivery time: Within 50 days after get down payment.

Installation: The seller sends one person to install the whole machine. The buyer pays round international air tickets, hotel and food. Five days working is for the installation and training. Installation and training salary is USD250/engineer.

Warranty: 12 months after installation and test, wear parts are excluded based on normal 8-hour shifts.

Quotation valid: Within 10 weeks from the quotation date.


The buyer should prepare test paper materials to test the machine running. For unloading the machine at customer’s plant, customer should take care to have an appropriate forklift or crane. When install the eccentric slotter machine, customer is responsible for having the required power supply, pressure air in time and necessary working support.

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