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What is Direct Warping Machine How It Works
What is Direct Warping Machine How It Works

What is Direct Warping Machine? How It Works?

Direct Warping Machine

Warping is the process Where ends form a numbers of cons cheeses are collected to form a sheet of yarn comprising of pre-deter mind numbers , length, tension and with which goes to form the weavers beam. Yarn in the sheet will be of some tension, uniform spacing and parallel to each other and will be wound on to a beam called warpers beam.

Direct Warping Machine Specification

  1. Machine Name : Direct warping machine.
  2. Country origin : West point, USA
  3. Model No. : 701
  4. No. of machine : 01
  5. Creel capacity : 434
  6. Speed of the machine : 600 meters / minute
  7. Production capacity per day: (49X1380X.45) =30429 mts (Considering the product mix 5% of 16 Beam of per set and 95% of 12 Beam per set)

Down Time:

01.  Beam load and unload 5 Min (After 12000 Mts.)
02.  Knotting Machine Time 30 Min. (After 4 Beam)
03. Yarn Mending Time 1 Min. (10 Times in 12000 Mts.)
04. Yarn Setup time  60 Min. (Daily one time)
05.  Speed Raising time 45 sec (from 0 to 600 Mts.)

Prerequisites for warping process:

The following precautions should be taken during warping process:

  • To form a precaution sheet of yarn specified length and width the individual end of the sheet should be spaced uniformly across in almost uniform tension.
  • All the ends in the sheet should be wound all most uniform tensions.
  • Density of the beam should be controlled not by in creasing yarn tension but by adjusting the pressure roll on the beam.
  • The yarn sheet of beam should not have fault such as missing ends, slack ends, fluffier wild yarn, high variation in tension between ends, which will causes end breaks or defects at subsequent process.

Equipment used:

Following equipment are used in warp m/c:

The details of Direct warping machine used at Auto Denims Limited are as follows:

Manufacturer  : west Point Foundry & Machine Company

Order No.        : B. 85648

Creel capacity             : 434

Key accessories:

The key accessories used for direct warping machine are as follows

  • One small weighting scale
  • 60 wrapper beams


Following maintain are used in warp section:

  • Smocking is strictly prohibited in the factory permission
  • Never touch the machine or its parts while it is running; only the authorized person can operate the machine.
  • Following the safety instructions mentioned on the machine.
  • Do not put hands on the beam while running the machine
  • Do not used compressed air on yourself
  • Put sign on when the maintenance work of the machine is going on.
  • Do not operate the machine wearing loose dress that could get entangled in the rotating parts
  • Put the musk on the nose & mouth while running the machine.

Machine set up:

Set up parameter Range Set value


Warping length 1-99,999 Based on yarn count, wrapper beam capacity & order quality
Cone/cheese no. in the creel 325-410 Based on customer’s fabric Construction
Machine speed 1-800 650m/min. based on yarn count and quality.
Stop motion m-second Do not need adjustment
Supply Pressure 1-8 bars 5 bars
Beaming Pressure 1-160 30Psi
Press roll Pressure 1-160 30Psi
Carrier roll Pressure 1-160 50/55Psi
Hydraulic Pressure 0-40 16Psi

Operation staff for warping section:

Production Executive




  • Check list before operation following points prior to:
  • Operator must check quality in teams of count, material, and color, mo mixing in allowed
  • Count the cone/chesses, weight/length variation and finally set the warping length for minimizing wastage and maximum warping length
  • Check the supply pressure, beaming pressure, press roll pressure carrier roll & hydraulic pressure
  • Check the number of ends in the creel
  • Check the setting of warp length and weft length correction factor.
  • Check the warping beam & yarn available.

Working Procedure:

Based on the production programs operator collects greige yarn from the store as per requirement count, name of yarn manufacturer, yarn lot & quality

The machine operator, creel men and helpers open/break the yarn cartons/bags and place the cones/chesses on the creel as per program and draw the head end of each cone/chesses through the hole of vertical dise, tension dise, yarn guide, stop motion device and then through expanded, comb of beaming unit.

The creel and Direct Warping Machine setting are done according to the requirement as per operating instruction.

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