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Tubular Compactor Machine
Tubular Compactor

Description of Tubular Compactor Machine

Tubular Compactor Machine:

Tubular compactor machine is referred for tubular knitted fabrics which is used as finishing machine. It is used for shrinkage control, GSM control, compact the fabric and increase smoothness of fabric. Tubular compacting device is industrial machinery used after hydro-extractor, de-watering and dryer. This machine is installed after industrial dryer machine.

Functions of Tubular Compactor:

Functions of a tubular is given below-

Tubuler Compactor
Tubuler Compactor
  • Tubular compacting m/c control shrinkage ,
  • Tubular compacting m/c control fabric width ,
  • Tubular compacting m/c control GSM ,
  • Fabric smoothness is achieved by the tubular compactor,
  • Heat setting of fabric for Lycra in quality machine,
  • Shade checking of cotton knit by tubular compactor in textile factory,
  • Width checking of cotton knit in textile factory,
  • Edge line checking of cotton knit in textile factory,
  • Design and slanting of textile finishing,
  • Find fabric fault of cotton knit in textile factory,
  • Shima seiki machine used for textile finishing

Specifications of Tubular Compactor:

Specifications Name Specifications Value
Product Category Dyer
Machine Category Compactor
Product Name Tubuler Compactor
Product Model According to Manufacturer of textile finishing
Product Class New
Origin Made in China
Brand/ Manufacturer Shima seiki cotton knit machine
Agent in Bangladesh No/Yes
Power 16KW, 3 Phase, 415V AC,  50 Hz
Temperature Normal
Certification SGS/Others
Production Capacity NA
Steam Consumption 350 LBS / Hour @ 70-100 PSIG
Speed 0-70 Meters per minute
Air 80 PSIG Air Pressure
Weight 2400 Kg
Width 50 inches
Dimensions 7000 * 2250 *2300 mm L*W*H
Description Shima seiki cotton knit machine machine is used in textile factory for textile finishing works

Working Stage for Cotton Knit:  

Hydro Extractor Machine

De-Watering Machine

Dryer Machine

Tubular Compactor Machine

Tubular compactor Maintenance for Cotton Knit Factory:

Weekly Maintenance Criteria:

Check spreader belts, wheels & its bearings.

  • Check Teflon sheets.
  • Check Blanket’s tightness, condition & Position.
  • Check & clean all electrical & electronics Appliances.

Two Month Maintenance Criteria:

  • Clean & Check all motors, commentators & its Carbons.
  • Calibrate all parameters if required.
  • Lubricate all motors chain, bearings, gearbox, Necessary points with grease.

Yearly Maintenance Criteria:

  • Drain Gear oil & fill it with new oil & Check
  • All steam valve & cylinder condition for for shima compactor
[1] Md. Ferdus Alam, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Southeast University, Cell # 1723300700,  Email: ferdus.j@gmail.com

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