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All sewing types of machine are described in this category

Define Sewing Machine Defects Solutions and Types

Layout of finishing section: Metal room- garments are received from sewing Sucker machine- To remove the dusts Ironing Quality check- Inspection Measurement Getup check Poly table- Color separation Size separation Hang tag add Care label check Folding/ hangering Adding sizer to hanger Body stickering Poly insert Poly close Packing   …

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Regular / Plain / Hi-speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Hi-speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Hi-Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine A hi-speed lockstitch sewing machine is the best common mechanical system stitch made by the sewing machine. The term  of single needle stitching often found on dress shirt labels, referering to lockstitch machine. The height of needle from its lowest position of upward stroke when the hook point …

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Industrial Sewing Machine Needles Replacement Policy

Industrial Sewing Machine Needles

Industrial Sewing Machine Needles: All industrial sewing machine needles or parts of damaged/broken needles are controlled effectively and accounted for during the production process and throughout the whole manufacturing unit. This means that when a new needle is issued it is cross referenced with stock levels of the particular needle …

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Automatic Blind Hem Stitch Machine. How To Set Blind Hemmer

Blind Hem Stitch Machine Blind Hemmer

Blind Hem Stitch: Automatic back pocket Blind Hem Stitch machine is applicable for jeans pant and other types of fabrics. The blind hemmer machine can process 8000 pockets per 10 hours. The efficiency of this machine is increased by twice compared with the traditional procedure. Differential feeding amount should be …

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