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What is Needle Transfer Safe Box? How to Use It ?

What is Needle Transfer Safe Box

Needle transfer safe box Needle transfer safe box, this will be used to transfer used and broken needles from the lien to the Tools and Sharps distribution room. To be introduced. To make sure that all metal equipment such as needles, hand sewing needles, kimball guns, scissors, snips, pins, etc. is held under control during the manufacturing processes and that all products manufactured for Buyer do not contain any hazardous metal materials that could harm the customers. This procedure is […]

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Regular / Plain / Hi-speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Hi-speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Hi-Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine A hi-speed lockstitch sewing machine is the best common mechanical system stitch made by the sewing machine. The term  of single needle stitching often found on dress shirt labels, referering to lockstitch machine. The height of needle from its lowest position of upward stroke when the hook point reach at the center line of needle. Feature of Lockstitch Machine Most common machine for woven garments More secured sewing No of needle:1 or 2 SPM:1500-5500 Stitch Density is variable, […]

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Types of Needles. Mechanism of Butterfly Needle

Types of Needles. Mechanism of Butterfly Needle

What is Needles: There are different types of needles are developed day to day. In the early history of the human instinct of self-defense based, and made Clothes. Production technology was also very simple, is to use an awl made of animal bones do. Stitched weapon, these bones may only be used to pre-piercing cone to Lipi Sheng or Through the vines.  The use of animal bones, horn, ivory manufacturing. Made by bone, horn, ivory. 17500 BC in the first […]

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Industrial Sewing Machine Needles Replacement Policy

Industrial Sewing Machine Needles

Industrial Sewing Machine Needles: All industrial sewing machine needles or parts of damaged/broken needles are controlled effectively and accounted for during the production process and throughout the whole manufacturing unit. This means that when a new needle is issued it is cross referenced with stock levels of the particular needle and size to ensure full traceability at all times. This includes janome sewing machine needles (machine and hand sewing), and any ticketing or kimbal/tag gun needles and the policy is […]

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