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What is Ball Warping Machine? Define Ball Warping Process

What is Ball Warping Machine? Define Ball Warping Process

Ball Warping

The main object of ball warping is to prepare log for the rope dyeing machine. Here magazine type of creels is used for the creeling of yarns in the form of cheese. The no. of ends taken one as per requirement of further processes that is for preparing the weavers beam .According to no. of ends in each group, the respective creeling is done to make the required no. of logs to be used at the creeling zone of rope dyeing machine.

Length of rope on log is generally 12830 m, the sheet of yarns passes through the lese reed where lease are inserted, these facilities denting the long the chain beaming. Lease are inserted at regular intervals which can set automatically on the machine .generally after every 100mts, lease is inserted .lease also help in yarn separation after sizing.




 Stop motion

 Vacuum reed

 Pot eye

 Broken end detector

 Lease stand

Machine head

Different Parameters Of Ball Warping

Manufacture Mc.Coy.Ellision (U.S.A)
Model 400Tsvr
Creel capacity 468
Winding speed 350mt/m
Traverse speed 90mt/m
Tensioner Disc type


Manufacture Mc.coy.Ellison
Model 400Tsvr
Creel capacity 424
Tensioner Disc type
Winding speed 350mt/m


Manufacture Local
Creel capacity 408
Speed of winding 150mt/m
Tensioner Disc  type

Types of fabrics

The different types of fabric that are being produced in Auto Industry Ltd. are as follows:

  1. Basic Denim : open end yarn (3/1)
  2. Ring Denim : ring spun yarn
  3. Polyester Denim : warp yarn is of cotton and weft yarn is of polyester
  4. Wool Denim:warp yarn and weft yarn both of wool.
  5. Cross Hatch: mixed weft with mixed or same type of warp.
  6. Lycra Denim: Lycra yarn of 2/30 Ne are used in weft.
  7. Fancy Denim: A special appearance is produced by special shedding arrangements.

Different types of weaves are used – plain, 2/1 twill, 3/1 twill, herringbone to get special looks in denim.

Example of Some Raw Material

The raw material (fibre) used in this unit is only cotton. This is mainly comes from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh etc. The cost of material from Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan are given per 45 Kg of the same, where as it is given per 355 Kg for the material coming from the Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Lycra comes from NAHAR INDUSTRY and Polyester comes from INDORAMA (New Delhi).

Some of the qualities of the cotton used here are listed below along with their cost and staple length:-






19-20 MM


Rs. 1600-1700 / 40 kg






24 MM


Rs. 1650 / 40 kg




NHH -44


24 MM


Rs. 1600 / 40 kg






28-29 MM


Rs. 22000 / cd

This raw cotton comes in the form of bales each of 160 – 265 kg and is stored in godowns. There are four godowns, each having a capacity of 3000 bales. The bales are arranged over acc.to quality and batch number. One lot generally consists of 55 bales. 6-8 workers along with person for clerical job work in the godowns, though the number of workers may vary according to the requirement of the situation.

Faults Of Ball Warping

Spinning faults

  1. Weak places
  2. Soft end
  3. Slub
  4. Weak piecing

Packing fault

  1. Bad winding
  2. Slough off
  3. Extra yarn
  4. Cut yarn
  5. Entanglement

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