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What is Bactosol ACG Liq. Machine

Bactosol ACG liq

Cellulase complex based on selected enzymes, for biopolishing of cellulosic substrate & garment washing.Treatment of articles of cellulosic fabric with Bactosol ACG liq improves the wearing comforts and is suitable for fashion effects due to its versatile action. It can be applied for variety of treatment


Treatment of articles of cellulosic fabric with Bactosol ACG liq improves the wearing comforts and is suitable for fashion effects due to its versatile action. It can be applied for variety of treatments.

–  Production of a used or old fashioned look by modifying the textile surface .

–  Works basically on all cotton garments, Tencel,denims, knits, cotton &their blends.

–  Permanent, soft handle on heavy, thick qualities and articles with rough surface.

–  Facilitating the removal of dead / immature cotton and reduction of any fibre hairs on the     surface (less tendency  to pilling).

– Enzymatic desizing of CMC (Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose) derivatives.

–  Peach-Skin & Bio-touch effects.

Properties & Applications

    Appearance                                              Brownish liquid.

Chemical Character                           Enzymes strains, based on stabilized cellulase in buffered mediu

Scope of Application

pH Conditions                    :    4.5 – 5.5 adjusted with Sirrix 2UD.IN Liquid.

Temperature                     :    50 C to  60 C.

Machines                           :   Drum Washing, Jets, Winches, Jiggers &  Soft-Flow

Liquor Ratio                      :   6 :1 to 20 :

Time                                   : 45 to 90 min.

Bactosol ACG Liq. Conc. shows  best  action  at   pH 5 & temp. 50 deg C to 55 deg C.

  Process -sequence for  Denims.

For  Over-Dyed Denims

Fabric: Raw  Blue Denim

1. Desizing :

0.05  to  0.1 ml/l  Sandozin NITI Liq.

0.75  to 1.5%owm Bactosol  TKI  Liq

pH-6.0  , temperature 52 deg C.time-25 min.


2. Bleach


3.  Neutralise & Rinse.

4.  Diresul  Dyeing

5. Bio-wash

Adjust  temp. to  52 degC.& pH to 5.0. with Sirrix 2UD.IN.

Add Bactosol ACG liq 0.5 to 1.0% owm.

Run for 45 min to 75 min.

Hot  Rinse.


6. Softening

Ceranine PNLI  Liquid-2 to 3 %

Tumble  for  20 min at 40C & pH-5.5

 Biopolishing  for Cotton Fabrics & their Blends.

Bactosol ACG liq can be  incorporated just before  finishing  stage in high value cotton  goods  ( for e.g.shirtings)    by giving it a treatment in Jet Dyg. machine to give value-addition through better surface-feel & appearance.

Recipe:    0.5 to 1 gpl  Bactosol ACG liq

pH    = 5, temperature 52 degC.

Time = 60 to 90 min.

M : L =  1: 10

 Biopolishing   of  knits

Clubbing Bactosol ACG liq ( 0.5 to 0.75 % owf ) with Imerol PCJ & Imacol C liq in the protonic pretreatment

stage of Bio-bleach process ( Clariant’s process for cellulosics ) will lead to better surface fibre removal.

Many of their dyestuffs, pigments and chemicals are patented by Clariant Ltd or its affiliates in numerous industrial countries.

Trademark registered by Clariant Ltd or Clariant GmbH in numerous countries.

Trademark licensed to Clariant Ltd in numerous countries.

Manufacturer’s registered trade mark

The signs and + appear only at the first mention of the product.

The information and recommendations presented here were compiled with the utmost care, but cannot be extended to cover every possible case. They are intended to serve as non-binding guidelines and must be adapted to the prevailing conditions

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