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How Automatic Spray Painting Machine

How Automatic Spray Painting Machine Works?

Automatic Spray Painting Machine

The purpose of this automatic spray painting machine procedure is to ensure that spray and painted is carried out in a safe and efficient manner. Painting operations can give rise to a range of health and safety problems. Problems of acute and chronic health effects can be cause by the over exposure to hazardous substances used in painting operations. Therefore safety is particularly important where risk to the health of personnel is prevalent. The risks to health of employees in any painting process are covered by the provisions of the control of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulations.

Scope of Automatic Spray Painting Machine 

This procedure is applicable to all situations where automatic spray painting machine and painting will be done on the jobsite.
To prevent the hazards affecting personnel, it is essential for all personnel to be aware of and understand the nature of the hazards, and how to protect themselves against these hazards.


Project Manager :The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of this procedure are adhered strictly to during execution of the project.

Section Manger : The section manager is responsible for supporting its application and ensuring that all entities at the site actively participate.

Manager: The manager is responsible for monitoring and ensuring that the automatic spray painting machine & painting work are conduction in safe manner.

Supervisor : The supervisor will check which all workers are performing the automatic spray painting machine and painting work in safe manner, and if there are offenders, correct and advise to offenders.

Instruction of Spray Painting Machine

  • General: automatic spray painting machine and painting operations shall be conducted in accordance with internationally recognized standards.
  • Spray and painting shall only be performed by competent and trained employees.
  • Spray and painting shall only be performed in areas designated for the purpose. Where it is required that spray and painting be done on site contract must take adequate precautions to protect other employees and equipment in the area.
    Areas in which spray and painting is to be carried out shall clearly identified and a sign erected stating “Spray and Painting Area – Authorized Persons Only”. Minimum signs should be written in English and the local language.
  • Adequate protective equipment is to be provided for use by persons involved in automatic spray painting machine and painting. Protective equipment shall include an approved cartridge respirator designed to protect against organic vapors and protective clothing.
  • All Hot Work shall be prohibited in the vicinity of paint stores and work areas.
    Suitable barrier creams shall also be provided for the protection of exposed parts of the skin.
  • When spraying two-part epoxy or polyurethane paint or when painting is to be conducted within a confined space where paint fumes might become concentrated, an air supplied respirator is to be used.
  • Suitable hand cleaning compounds are to be made available to spray painters for removing paint from hands and exposed skin. Thinners or harsh solvent – based materials are not to be used for cleaning skin.
  • All necessary precautions are to be taken to unsure over-spray and fumes do pollute public places and living quarters.
  • No smoking, naked lights or other forms of lights or other forms of ignition are permitted in areas where automatic spray painting machine and painting is being performed. Only approved electrical equipment is to be used in the vicinity of spray and painting.
  • Unwanted flammable materials including paint thinners, rags and cotton waste impregnated with flammable spirits or paint, are to be kept in metal drums with close fitting lids and disposed of in a safe manner away from spray and painting areas.
  • Flammable materials are to be stored well clear of spray and painting areas.
    All waste paint, solvent, contaminated rags or other similar material must be disposed of following approved disposal methods.
  • Stand by fire fighting equipment shall be provided in all areas where printing machine activities will be conducted including painting materials storage area. Type ABC Dray chemical powder Fire Extinguishers shall be located in areas where it is easily accessible at visible. Proper marking shall be posted near the location of Fire Extinguisher.
  • Since automatic spray painting machine produced a lot of fumes which are flammable and hazardous to health when working in covered area, sufficient exhaust ventilation shall be provided to keep the concentration of solvent vapors below ten (10) percent of the lower explosive limit. Frequent tests shall be made by a competent person to ascertain the concentration.
  • When personnel are not involved directly in, but are required to be in proximity to, the painting process and may be exposed to hazardous levels of fumes or vapors, they shall be supplied with adequate respiratory protective devices.
    Foodstuffs shall not be brought into or consumed on premises where paint is stored handled or used.
  • All painting application equipment to be used shall be properly maintained and tested prior to use, and where necessary the equipment shall be correctly certified. Electrical equipment shall be examined only by the authorized person electrical.
  • Where appropriate local ventilation equipment will be installed to reduce levels of solvent vapor, paint or dusts so as to remove the problems of health hazards and explosions. Particular attention being paid when working in confined or enclosed spaces as specified in the Permit to Work system.
  • The person supervising the painting works must ensure that all necessary safe working conditions have been addressed. That tool box talk are carried out, as required, and that all employees are aware of possible hazards as well as fully trained in the use of the required PPE.
  • Some paints exert harmful effects, the main routes into the body being inhalation, skin absorption and ingestion. The person supervising the painting works must ensure that all necessary safe working conditions have been addressed. That tool box talk are carried out, as required, and that all employees are aware of possible hazards as well as fully trained in the use of the required PPE.
  • For more details for disposal of waste, refer to the concerned “Waste Management Plan Procedure”.
  • Personal Protective Equipments :
  • Persons performing spray and painting work shall wear :
  • Air supplied respirator’s helmet.
  • Coverall with hoods.
  • Safety boots.
  • Full body harness.
  • Lather aprons.
  • Hearing protection
  • Hoods and aprons must be certified according to a recognized international standard and marked accordingly.
  • Respirator’s helmet shall be provided with air at a rate of not less that 0.17 cubic meter per minute that has passed through.
  • An efficient filter to remove dust, oil, gas and other potentially harmful contaminates.
  • An efficient conditioner which will deliver air at a temperature not higher that ambient temperature.
  • An efficient condensate trap with drain cock to remove any condensed liquid.
    An efficient pressure reducing or limiting device.
  • The helmet shall be fitted with wide-angle transparent visors.Permit to work
  • A permit to work is requirement for all automatic spray painting machine and painting work at site.
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