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Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

He is Garment Automation Technologist and Editor in Chief of Autogarment. He is certified Echotech Garment CAD Professional-China, Aptech-India, NCC-UK and B.Sc. in CIS- London Metropolitan University, M.Sc. in ICT-UITS. He is working as a Successful Digital Marketer and Search Engine Specialist in RMG sector during 2005 to till now. Contact him- apparelsoftware@gmail.com

How Human Resource Management System Software Works?

Human Resource Management System Software

Human Resource Management System Human Resources Management System Software is a integrated great system to store , analyses and administrative information about your job holder. Organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with the Management System of people within organizations, …

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What is Veriocleaner Machine for Spinning ?

Veriocleaner Machine

Veriocleaner Machine It consists of three roller beater which helps in opening and removing of dust and waste. MACHINE SPECIFICATION: No. of machine    = 1 Make                    = LAXMI Model                   = LB9 Production            = 1000kg/hr. OPEN END SPINNING In Auto INDUSTRY LTD. the final product is denim which requires coarser yarns …

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What is Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Labelling Machine

Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Labelling Machine N.K.P. Pharma Pvt. Ltd.”, formerly known as N.K. Pharma Industries & N.K. Engineering Co. is one What is Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Labelling Machine of the foremost Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery. After receiving overwhelming response right from the day one from our most reputed and …

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