Solubor Boron

Major composition                : Solubor Boron

Appearance                           : White amorphous powder

Characteristics                       : Feels greasy, Odorless and tasteless.

Purity                                     : 99.90%

Solubility                                : Soluble in water, alcohol, glycerol ether and volatile oil.

Chemical Properties             :           Normal Sulphate Low Sulphate

Purity: 99.90% min 99.90% min
B2O3:56.25% min 56.25% min
SO4:500 ppm max 130 ppm max

Physical Properties               :           Crystalline

Molecular Weight:61,83 61,83
Specific Gravity:1,435 gr/cm3 1,435 gr/cm3
Bulk Density: 0,8 gr/cm3 0,8 gr /cm
Fractions +1 mm 4%max +1 mm 4%max
-0,060 mm 4% max -0,060 mm 5% max

The plasma elimination half-lives ranged from 38 to 43 hours in males and 78 to 82 hours in females. Tissue distribution of the absorbed dose was extensive, with low retention in tissues indicating low potential for accumulation. The tissue residues were higher in female than in male rats, which is consistent with female rats having a longer elimination half-life and higher area under the curve in plasma. Excretion was substantially complete by 48 to72 hours after dosing. Fecal excretion was the primary route of elimination followed by urinary excretion. There was no significant excretion occurring by exhalation. Most of the administered dose (88–97%) was eliminated in the excreta.

Stability                                  :

                                                a) When heated to 70 – 100oC, hydro-extraction enables

                                                            changing to meta-boric acid

                                                 b) When heated to 150 – 160oC, hydro-extraction enables

                                                            changing to pyroboric acid

c) When heated to 300oC, hydro-extraction enables

changing to boric anhydride

Standard                                : GB-53890 (People’s Republic of China standard)

Use                                          : It can be used as fertilizer, top application, split application

`             and as a raw material for manufacture of micro nutrient. It

  can be used all type of field crops.

Packing                                  : In woven polypropylene lined with poly ethylene film bags

   of 25 kg (+/- 0.5 kg) net each.

Specification                          :

  • Total boron content as percentage, minimum       20.0
  •  Lead percent by weight, maximum                      0.0005
  •  Arsenic percent by weight, maximum                 0.0004
  •  Physical condition                       white  amorphous powder                                                           

Declaration                            : The manufacturers guaranteed analysis shall indicate that “the product does not contain toxic wastes and the level of heavy metals present is not hazardous for human health, crop and environment”.

In short-term studies, the most consistent effects are those associated with non adverse pharmacological response to the xenobiotic, induction of liver enzymes and subsequent increase in liver weights. Emamectin Benzoate is not genotoxic, neurotoxic, immunotoxic, carcinogenic, or teratogenic. Overall, Emamectin Benzoate exhibits minimal mammalian toxicity after long-term exposure. The only consistent observation in the mammalian toxicology studies is an increased degree of microvesiculation of the adrenal cortex after dermal or dietary administration of Emamectin Benzoate. Based on the lack of adverse effect on the function of the adrenal gland, this observation was considered treatment related, but not “adverse.”