Single Head Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

Single head multi needle embroidery machine is sewing machine developed by different vendors like janome,  pfaff,  barudan, tajima. Single head computerized embroidery machine with touch screen computer is single head computerized embroidery machine with 9/10/11/12 needles, which is suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery, T-shirt embroidery as well as finished garments embroidery.  It can not only do flat embroidery, but also embroider different beautiful designs.

Function of Single Head Embroidery Machine for Embroidering:

  • Single head embroidery machine is suitable for flat embroidery as well as cap finished garments embroidery,
  • Pfaff, barudan and  tajima have automatic thread trimmer,
  • Janome, pfaff, barudan and  tajima have automatic color change facility,
  • Janome, pfaff, barudan and  tajima have thread break detection facility,
  • Janome, and  tajima are capable to pre-sew design trace,
  • Machine provide free machine embroidery designs,
  • Single head embroidery machine is slower than multi head embroidery machine,
  • Machine provide free embroidering patterns and embroidery library,
  • Emergency stop automatically during embroidering of design,
  • Janome prove facility to choice 4 to 10/15 color,
  • Free machine embroidery designs, free embroidery patterns and embroidering software is available in internet,
  • Janome machine have own embroidery library,
  • This embroidery machine is used have embroidery library which is used in home and commercial place

Specifications of Janome Embroidery Machine:

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Product Category

 Embroidery Machines

Machine Category

 Embroidery Machines

Product Name

Single Head Janome Embroidery Machine

Product Model

According to Manufacturer

Product Class






Agent in Bangladesh








Production Capacity

30 Set/Sets per Month

Head Number

Single Head

Head Interval


Trimming system

Outside-trimming system


Touch screen


Organ needles

Needle Number

6 / 12 / 15 needles

Embroidery Area


High speed



Hirose hook


Italy belt




Linear rail

Working noise

the lowest level

Stitch form

Lock Stitch

Stitch Length


Memory capacity

1000000 stitches

Maximum embroidery speed

750 RPM



 Input port


Design Format





This compact janome embroidery machine  embroidery machine is suitable for doing all kinds of flat / cap

SOP Embroidery Machine Works:

Standards for artwork: Standards of artwork or the graphics in the form of soft copy with all the necessary details like measurement and dimension of embroidery, Embroidery placement, Color etc are sent to embroidery unit.

Embroidery Mock-up: Embroidery Mock-up is made on fabric cut and sent to the merchandiser for approval. This Mock-up is made only to check the design weather it is matching the standard or not. Once the design is approved we go for product development or sample development

Product or Sample Development: Embroidery is done on cut parts with correct measurement and placement and sent to sampling dept for sample sewing. Sample is made by the merchandiser and is sent to the buyer for Approval. Once the sample is approved and order is confirmed we go for bulk production.

Procedure for sending & receiving pcs for embroidery: After cutting numbering is done on cut panels and cut lot wise bundles are made and sent to the embroidery unit along with Trims like Thread, interlining etc. QC is appointed from Lenny who ensures following

  • Correct Threads are used.
  • Correct Needle size is used
  • Embroidery measurement and placement on cut panels.
  • Defects like broken stitch and skip stitch stains, needle hole and other defects.
  • Ensures that 100% quality is maintained.
  • When Cut panels are received from embroidery. Bundle inspection is done as per cut lot then all the bundles are passed through needle detector m/c to check for broken needle for product safety point of view.
  • If any broken needle is detected whole bundle is rejected and sent back to embroidery supplier. Embroidery supplier then checks the bundles rectifies and send back ensuring bundle is needle free.
  • After bundles pass through needle detector the cutting dept checks the bundles serial no. cut no. and gives input to sewing.

Quality Assurance: Approved Mock-ups are visually displayed in embroidery dept for reference.

  • Marking is done on machine for correct print placement.
  • A QC is appointed for outsourcing embroidery unit to ensure 100% quality.
  • Bundles when received after embroidery it is passed through Needle detector.
  • Cutting ensures that serial no are maintained bebore input is given to line.

Feature of Single Head Multi Needle Embroidery Machines:

The features of Single Head Multi Needle Embroidery Machines is given below-

Janomi Needle
  • A multi needle embroidery machine has two points of hoop attachment and often has greater hoop abilities,
  • Barudan multi needle machine raises the bar,
  • Each needle of tajima machine can hold its own thread color for machine,
  • Janome machine have 4 to 10 needles.
  • Color LCD display to view embroidering desing,
  • USB input port for transferring embroidering design,
  • Pfaff have real date and time feaute which is shown on screen,
  • Janome machne have proper shutdown feature

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