Preservation Process for Delivery Products


To ensure preservation of products during internal processing and delivery to the customer destination.  Full details of the audit methodology and the way in which the findings are reported are available publicly The audit will involve an assessment of your production site including any accommodation provided against the following standards:

  • The national and local laws in your country of operation,
  • Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code, covering the nine topics of labour standards and Health & Safety (see– ‘Scope of a GARMENTSPEDIA Audit’).


It will be necessary to interview a cross section of workers, approx. 5- 10% of the workforce. These interviews may be in groups or one to one. Management must not be present at these, to safeguard the confidentiality of individuals, and where interpreters are necessary there must be no links between the site and the interpreter to ensure total impartiality (see document 5E – ‘Principles of Worker Interview Information for Sites’). Applies to products made by Auto Garments Ltd.


  • Production Managers are responsible for proper identification, handling, packaging and storage of products.
  • Commercial is responsible for preservation of products up to its destination.
  • Quality Control is responsible for assessing storage condition.


Document Review (see document 5C attached for more detail) Part of the audit will include a detailed review of documents, such as time cards, payroll, wage slips, and personnel records (see document 5C – ‘List of Required Documents’). Ensure conformity of products during processing and up to destination during     delivery.



Products will be identified by main label, price sticker, size label, main hang tag etc. as per instruction by the buyer.


Adequate precautions will be taken to prevent damage of products and shippers during processing and loading into containers.


Corrugated cartons will be used for shipping of products.

Quantity and size assortment in the shipper carton will be done as per instruction of buyer mentioned in Purchase Order.

Storage and Protection:

Shipper cartons with products will be stored in Carton Transit area.


Products will be delivered to customer via containers to ensure prevention of damage during transportation.


A GARMENTSPEDIA  audit carried out to the above topics is known as a 2-Pillar audit.

In addition there are 2 optional extra modules to GARMENTSPEDIA  included by some Auto  members as relevant for their supply chains. These are:-

  • Environment
  • Business Practices

If included these result in a 4-Pillar GARMENTSPEDIA  audit – please check with your customers as appropriate to establish whether the required audit is a 2-Pillar or 4-Pillar.

If an issue is raised, and the local law differs from the ETI base code, the auditor will use the standard which gives greater protection to the worker. Therefore an issue may be raised against e.g. the ETI base code even if the local law permits the practice. * see 5 J. ‘Non-Compliance Process and Auto ’ for more details.

To ensure protection during storage at Auto garment Quality Control shall assess storage area condition once a month.