Peach Finish Machine

Peach finish machine is the process where the peach fabric becomes smoother. By this process especially for twill fabric the diagonal line become lowered with the application of microsand paper or carbon wire brushing. In Auto TL there is one peach finish machine. The machine description is given below.

Peach Finish Machine Specification

  • M/C Name: Lafer (SPA)
  • Drum speed: 90 m/min
  • No of r/r: 24 (Positive- 12, Negative- 12)
  • Speed: 20m/min (light peach)
  • Belt Pressure: 2.6 bar
  • Drum Pressure: 9 bar

Types of Peach Finish

There are 3 types of peach finish

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy

Objective of Peach Finish

  • Wide range of brushing effects which can be replicated through time.
  • Completely defect-free fabric processing.
  • Flexible drawing-in in the various right-back side combinations.
  • High production speed.

Flow diagram of peach finish


Upper roller


Air sucker

Brush roller

Bush chamber



Practical Procedure of Peach Finish Machine

Fabric inlet of Peach Finish Machine:Mercerized fabric is feed in the inlet section of the peach finish machine. Here the fabric is passed over some roller & guider to feed into the brushing zone.

Fabric inlet of Peach Finish Machine
Fabric inlet

Brushing unit of Peach Finish Machine: It contain 2 to 6 roller according to design. For microsand brushing each roller contains 24 rollers which move forward & backward with the same speed of containing roller. In carbon wire type machine all the roller contain carbon wire which performed brushing. The entire roller can control individually. Here belt pressure is 2.6 bar & drum pressure is 9 bar, which depend on quality of fabric.

Fabric outlet & batching: After that the fabric become smooth this is rolled on batcher for washing.

Control Panel of Peach Finish Machine: From control panel all types of instruction can be provide to the machinery. This machine has a full manual control panel. The operator controls every process by control switch.

Control Panel of Peach Finish Machine
Control Panel of Peach Finish Machine

Peach Fabric Lay in Section

Process Definition:The Process of receiving accurate amount of Gray Fabric from the Peach fabric Store & pilling them on a pallet to transfer to the next operation is called Lay-in.

Process Requirement: Equipment Used –  Seizer , Key Accessories – Forklift, Wooden Plate, Measuring Tape, Sewing machine, Calculator etc are used for Lay-in. Material & Chemicals Used –  Mask, Cap etc

Safety: Smoking is strictly prohibited in the factory premises.

Production Procedure:

Operation Staff: Lay-in supervisor & Helpers

M/C Set-up: Not Applicable

Checklist before Production:

  • Weaving Fault ( Tangle warp, miss pick, Stop mark, Fungus spot, oil spot)
  • Weaving Dispo
  • Order no.
  • Construction
  • Selvedge Condition
  • Piece to Piece width
  • Swatch
  • Batch no.

Operation Procedure:

  • According to the “Fabric layout Instruction” sheet producing personnel receives the specified quantity of fabric from the stores personnel.
  • Production personnel ensure that fabric is piled “Face to Face” on the process fabric lay-out Inspection sheet & then this pallet of fabric is transferred to the preparation department.

Product Quality Check:

  • Fabric Width
  • Fabric Construction
  • Sticker
  • Quantity
  • Fabric Face/Back

Sample Test: Fabric Width, EPI, PPI, shade Qty, construction, tensile strength, tear strength (weft), GSM, Face/Back, Wash Fastness, Lycra Properties etc Q.C. sample test are applicable for lay-in process.

Response to Equipment faults: If the lay-in is in face to back position, the lay-in person should take corrective    actions.

M/C area cleaning: Must be mud, oil, grease free.

Forms & Documents Used:

  • Fabric lay out instruction sheet for Y/D.
  • Fabric lay out instruction sheet for Solid Dyed normal Order

Process Route card:

In route card every process has been men timed  from peach fabric to finish inspection.

In route card two extra requirements are needed.

  • color: Red, lemon, orange, etc.
  • GLM: Gram per linear meter.
  • from peach fabric to finish inspection. In
  • Production Report
  • Peach Check report (Point Wise)
  • Sticker Khata

Document Flow: The Planning department fills the fabric lay-out instruction sheet (From No). the planning Department raises for both yarn & solid Dyed fabric & sends to the Lay-in. the issue quantity is mentioned only in case of solid dyed fabric. But in case of yarn dyed fabric, the lay-in personnel collects the fabric from the store according to the Weaving fault ( tangle warp, miss pick, stop mark, fungus spot, oil spot), selvedge condition, piece to piece width, construction & lot number as mentioned on the fabric lay-in instruction sheet & then starts the lay-in process.

Attachments: The following forms are used in the lay-in process

Peach quality control check: Here peach fabrics are checked by the operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfill requirements for quality.

The things which are checked here are given below:

  1. tear and tensile

GLM × 100                 (cm)

  1. G.S.M (G.S.M=                                                          )


Or, G.S.M =GLM/1.6

  1. Shade per quantity
  2. Listing  check
  3. Selvedge check
  4. Weaving Check
  5. Line mark
  6. Lycra problem
  7. Neps problem
  8. PPI,  EPI  and width check.

Note : Finished EPI, PPI are less than the peach fabric.

Dr. William Jons, Textile Technologist, Osaka Textile Division, Germany