Best Ozone Machine

Best Ozone machine is used to change the color of garments after washing . This machine is like a washing machine but only change the garments color. This machine is work for actually  back stain remove.Can do light shade without u

What is Ozone (03) Machine For Washing Factory ?
What is Ozone (03) Machine For Washing Factory ?

sing chemicals.To clean the surface of tinted garments.Using this machine one bio-product is produced  is called esertin whis is harmful for human body.

Some Washing Machine

Drum machine-

  1. Machine no 18 & 19 are rejected.
  2. Need to add water leveling meter and temperature measuring meter in each machine.
  3. Need to add 4 new drum machines of 250lbs with proper measuring meters.

Hydro extractor-

  1. Need to change the M/C no 3 to a new & higher capacity hydro extractor.
  2. Need to add 2 sample hydro extractor.


  1. Dryer no 27 & 28 need to replace as cool dryer. In place of these two dyers, 2 new dryer of bigger capacity need to be added.
  2. Need to increase the efficiency of all dryer.
  3. Need to add 2 sample dryer.

Sample machine-

  1. Need to change M/C no 1, 4, 5 & 9.
  2. Need to add 2machine of 2/3 kg capacity, 1 m/c of 10kg capacity.
  3. We need to add a sample paddle machine for dyeing, capacity would be 5-10kg.

Paddle machines-

  1. Need to increase the efficiency of machine no-22.
  2. Also need to add digital temperature meter.

New front loading machine-

  1. We need to add 2 front loading machines for production of capacity 220kg.
  2. To support these front loading machines, we need 2 sample front loading machines of 2kg & 15kg respectively.
  3. If we add above machine, then we need to add 4 dryer also.


  1. Deep dye machine don’t have water and temperature meter.
  2. Tie dye machine also don’t have water and temperature meter. Need to add those.
  3. Rejected drum Best Ozone Machine cane be converted into acid wash machine.