Network Access Control PG-2750 Installation

  1. Insert PG network access control installation CD into CDROM for security solutions
  2. On WINDOWS screen, move the mouse to “My Computer” and double click left key of the mouse.
  3. Move the mouse cursor to the CD driver for installing and then double click the left key
  4. Then search forward point to the SETUP and the move the double click the left key of mouse, then the screenshown as figure 1-1
network access control
Figure 1-1
access systems
Figure 1-2
  • If the Exit Setup selection bar is clicked, then will quit installation, otherwise, if ok selection bar is clicked, then the screen shown as figure 1-3
  • access control policy
    Figure 1-3
  • Now, if you select the Exit Setup bar, then the installation will be stopped, if Change Directory bar is selected, it will change installation path. Otherwise, it will accept the default path.
  • If the upper left corner of computer is clicked, then the screen 1-3 will be display prompt the message the user shall be to change the succeeding diskette and then press “Enter” key or click the bar to continue the installation
  • If every installation procedure is smoothly, then the following screen will display to completed successful of installation.
  • To click bar, and the installation is completed Remark:Once the program is well installed, if you want to install it again, then you must delete the installed program at first, please refer to chapter 8 for further instruction for deleting the system of network access control
  • Execution Procedures of Access Systems:

    1. As enter into WINDOWS, then select Start and then PGAccess as in Fig 2-1 illustration for access systems  of electronic security management.
    electronic security
    Figure 2-1
  • Now if click left key, then screen as Fig 2-3 will display as follow: you shall to enter the user name and password to ensure electronic security
  • access control technology
    Figure 2-3
  • Now the user must key name and password to enter the system, The system default values are: User : P e g a s u s ( The capital and small character must be coincident) and Password: P o n g e e   ( The enter words will be display as * * to hide the real password)
  • Security Solutions of Access Systems Technology

    Once first entered the system of rfid attendance system technology as Fig 2-4 shown, please add one more manager into the system at least ( please refer to chapter 6 “password operation”) and must delete the original default user name to prevent illegal infinitude. Once enter the system, you could use the system right now.  This system could separate three level : one is manger, another is the most user, the last is general user. According to the different states will choose different items. (please refer the chapter 6). First entrance the system, please use the state of manager then set the reader’s address for access control policy

    security solutions
    Figure 2-4

    If the reader can’t receive the data, please check as follow step:

    1. At p.15, 3-6 reader address, the wiring between the RFID card reader address and actual hardware are difference.
    2. At p15,3-6 reader address, the reader address don’t re-order the door no. as sheet all.
    3. If run this program on the pcp-832-2 red light don’t flashes, that don’t connect well the wiring of reader with PC.
    4. If the wiring connect well between pc and reader that maybe the serial port of window95 don’t work, could use ( start, setup,control panel, system ) , check the serial port ( COM& LPT ) if show red X (means in vain) if show yellow ! ( means conflict with another install).
    1. The wiring of card reader connect error
    2. If the reader type of access control policy is PG-707, please refer p57”PG-707 and PCP-832-2 connect method, Notice: reader and multi-channel controller do common ground, if not, then the “Data ready” signal won’t be transfer to multi-channel controller effective and the transmission will be intermission. Sometime the PC can collect the data and sometime not.
    3. To check whether the reader be in the polling mode ( polling mode, function 4, 1701 ) . You may check by pressing the “9” key, then the LCD Display show as Pxx , ( P is 1701, if no P that be defined 1700 ) .
    1. In Polling Mode, this program can identify the reader address, security solutions, contrary, in Direct mode doesn’t receive the command. (the define way in Polling mode: PG-2750 , slide the master card, press 4, and press 1701., PP-3750: press 01234, press 4, press 1701)
    2. Check whether the address for each reader in the same port is unique, such as PCP-832-2 two port controller. No same address are set repeated for each port, If same address are set in the same port, then there will have Data contention, you should adjust the system
    3. If interface is RS-232, also need to define the function4, 1701, and card reader address be define to 00.
    4. Check the basic setup the receive data, choose the cancel, close the function for receive data.
    5. The user press carelessly the database, cause the data missing.
    6. The System was defaults as collecting the data from reader automatic calling, once enter system, the PC will collect the data immediately, if there are any data exist in any reader, you don’t need set any command

    This Technology is developed by Pongee