Mittens are made by Glove Knitting Machine
Glove Knitting Machine

What is Mittens? Description of Glove Knitting Machine

Glove Knitting Machine for Mittens

Mittens are made by this knitting machine which  is special type of knitting machine for producing gloves. It built by loops of yarn which connects them into various knits to produce crochet fingerless gloves. Labour protection gloves, hand gloves, magic gloves and finger gloves can be produced by this machine. There are different types of Knitting Machine is manufactured by knitting machine company[1]

How to Knit Fingerless Gloves by Computerized Glove Knitting Machine :

It is made up with good quality material as well as beautiful processing technology  which is collocated by components of computer box. Computerized knitting machine can knit half finger glove , crochet fingerless gloves, fingerless gloves pattern, full finger type glove, labor protection glove, ingot finger glove, hand gloves, winter fashion gloves.[2]

Specifications of Glove Knitting Machine for Finger Gloves:

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name”][label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”]
Product CategoryKnitting
Machine CategoryGloves Knitting Machine
Product NameFinger gloves Knitting Machine
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassNew
Brand/ManufacturerName of Manufacturer
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Powersingle-phase or three-phase:220v,250w, 50/60HZ
Production CapacityNA
SizeL:46  L:52  L:63  L:89
Speedfinger:200r/m, palm:180r/m
Driving SystemCrank Drive
Knitting SystemSnikers knitting theory
Abnormity StopBroken yarn,poor dropping,overloading
Screen DisplayDigital Diaplay
DescriptionUsed for half-finger, all finger, finger gloves, silver ingots and simple jacquard weave gloves


Feature of Glove Knitting M/C for Hand Gloves:

Feature of Computerized Glove Knitting Machine is given below-

Glove Knitting
  • Function is convenient , high controlled rate, and low labor power
  • Computer control system for fingerless gloves pattern,
  • Computer control system for hand gloves pattern
  • Generally assume frequency conversion wiht running smoothly.
  • Central lubricating system of knitting terms for fingerless gloves pattern
  • Fingerless gloves pattern is created by this machine
  • Crochet fingerless gloves are created by this machine
  • This machine manual show how to knit fingerless gloves
  • Whole procedure is organized by computer and can design the size of the hand gloves
  • Automatic stop device of miscount , thread break, overload, all of these can reducing the knitting damage.
  • Should adopts micro computer contact screen to control [2]
 [1] Obaidur Rahman, BSc. In Textile Engineering, Bangabandhu Textile Engineering College, Tangail
 [2] Rajib Saha, Shyamoli Ideal Textile Engineering college,

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