HRM Officer Job Description

Under policy guidance of Central (HRM) and supervision of the concerned factory head within the limit of Auto  Group of Industry’s policies, procedures & practices; the purpose of the position is to deal with of all facets Human Resources Management (HRM) of the factory.

Position Responsibilities :

  • To Participate in factory Opening and Closing as per roaster by Factory Management.
  • To arrange – conduct – process worker’s Recruitment & Selection as per set Recruitment & Selection Policy & Procedure.
  • To process / Up-date Age Estimation papers by the Director.
  • To issue Appointment letter to the factory workers Properly as approved by the Management.
  • To issue the new worker’s Time card and Register them to the Attendance Registers.
  • To issue / distribute worker’s Time card / Proximity / ID cards & maintain corresponding Register.
  • To prepare “Daily Attendance Report” in coordination with IT Officer and forward them to factory Management. Send another copy to Central HRM department regularly.
  • To compile data / Information about factory’s working hours, prepare the list accordingly.
  • To check / verify exact number of O.T. work being done as per requisition made.
  • To maintain all data, records papers in relation to Recruitment & Selection, Wages, O.T. and allowances.
  • To coordinate Factory Accountant for preparing worker’s “Wages & O.T. Sheet”.
  • To maintain workers “Resign List” and “New Recruitment List” for every running month and send those to Central HRM Department by 22-25th day of the running month.
  • To process, prepare & maintain the worker’s Personal File with all related papers as up-dated.
  • To maintain spontaneous coordination with concerned Admin & Compliance personnel, Accountant, IT Officer and HRM Labor Relation Manager / Officer & Officer (Welfare & Counseling).
  • To maintain following Books, Registers, Lists & Files in a timely manner: –
  • Recruitment Register.
  • Attendance Registers.
  • Leave Registers.
  • Maternity Leave Register.
  • Employee Hand Book Issue Register.
  • Proximity / ID Card Issue Register
  • Personal Files.
  • Attendance / Time Cards.
  • Total Personnel List.

And any others assignment given by the Management from time to time.