Environmental Legal Register

This environmental legal register summarizes the main environmental legislation as it applies to the activities products and services of the Auto  Group. Read more electronic document management system

The objective of this document is to provide guidance to the officials of Auto  Group regarding the environmental legislation that may be applicable during the normal execution of their duties. It should be noted that this register is not a compendium of all environmental legislation and officials are advised to obtain clarification from the environmental services directorate regarding environmental legislation should there be any doubt regarding the Auto  Group. `Obligation should questions regarding the interpretation of legislation as summarized in this document arise, then the reader is advised to consult the original legislation. Copies of policies, bills, acts and regulations can be obtained from the office of the senior executive (environment): Environmental Management Systems

The inclusion of draft legislation in this register has been kept to minimum in order to maintain the focus of the document on existing legal obligations. This register includes a summary of the main environmental bills and some proposed regulations published before 2011 . The exclusion of policies, white papers and draft bills from this register does not imply that are not applicable or that they may or may not result in additional legal obligations for Auto  Group.

 Please Take Note:

The facility is in the process of updating its by – laws. Some of the by – laws included in this legal register might have been slightly changed incorporated in to other bylaws.

Emergency Incidents

Section 30 provide for the control of “emergency incident” which could cause potentially serious pollution or detriment to the environment. The responsible party is obliged to remedy the effects of the incident. The relevant authority (the local authority in the first instance) must direct the responsible parties to contain, minimize and remedy the effects of the incident or to undertake these measures themselves and claim responsible costs from the responsible party. A verbal directive must be confirmed in writing within 7 days. A relevant authority must prepare a comprehensive report on the incident and the report must be made available.

Applicability to Auto Group/Required Actions

Auto  Group have a dual obligation in terms of this section. In the event of an emergency incident which was potentially detrimental to the Environment, caused by one of Auto  Group employees, they have the responsibility to:

  • Report the incident to the relevant authorities (the provincial environmental authority);
  • Contain & minimize the effects of the incident and clean up;
  • Remediate any damage that may have occurred;
  • Take measures to prevent the recurrence of the incident. In the event that an incident occurs, Auto  Group are obliged to direct