Members of Autogarment

Only Garments & Textile professional/students can be a member of Autogarments by posting article.

    1. Redwanul IslamB.Sc. in Textile Engineering, BUTEX
    2. S M Mehedi Hasan, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, BUTEX
    3. Abrar Hosain B.Sc. in Textile Engineer, People’s University of Bangladesh, PUB
    4. Asad Rajon, B.Sc. in Textile Engineer, University Of South Asia, Production Officer, Tusuka Processing Ltd
    5. Shibly F Mahmud, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, BUTEX
    6. Sheikh Tujammel Hoque Tanvir, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, BUTEX
    7. Engr Ahmed HanifMerchandiser, Prochesta Knit Textile Ltd.
    8. Shohel Kh, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Primeasia University,Banani,Dhaka
    9. Sudeep Chakraborty, Textile Engineering, BUTEX
    10. Yeamin Kabir Rintu, Textile Engineering, BUTEX
    11. Md. Ashraful Alam Masum, Textile Engineering, BUBT
    12. Rashed Aananda Shadhin, Textile Engineering, CTEC

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