Assessment of Security

An assessment o security was carried out on 16 April 2009 to review the security of Auto  apparels ltd. the security inspection and audit was based on the board spectrums-Pat requirements which include all aspects of Physical Security, Personal Security, Information Access Control, Storage Formalities, Contractor Control, And Export logistics.

Aim:- The aim of this audit was to find out weaknesses prevailing in the security aspects of the factory and thereby adopt remedial measures so to correct the existing gaps, overcome the prevailing difficulties and thereby ensure a fool proof security arrangement in the factory.

Concept: The assessment covered the following facets:

  1. Personal Security.
  2. Physical Security.
  3. Information Access Control.
  4. Record and Documents.
  5. Storage Security.
  6. Shipment Information controls.
  7. Contractor Control.

Personal  Security:

  1. New workers orientation has to be more effective especially on Product Integrity, IT Security, and Factory Security Sensitive Area etc.
  2. Update back ground checks of some employees were missed out.
  3. Some reinvestigation of for some workers in the Finishing Section is missed out.
  4. Copy of National ID is not obtained from many workers till now.
  5. Threat Awareness Program is to be presented in a more effective manner so that all workers are aware of it. Just attending a lecture on the same won’t be understood or retained by the workers.
  6. All workers must be made aware of the system the company is following to address any given situation or crisis and also how to report it, like if they find out a lock is broken or window is broken etc, then how whom to report.

Physical Security:

  1. CCTV is not having uninterrupted recording, due to power problem.
  2. Some signature were found missing in the KEY Control Register.
  3. Up to date names of Key persons who has privilege access to security sensitive zones, not posted outside the Finishing Section.
  4. Handing / Taking certificate over of keys not maintained when any key holder gets changed.
  5. Some signature were found missing in Patrol duty register.
  6. An up to date list of names and address of all contractors, repairman etc was found missing.
  7. Awareness of workers to prevent tampering of goods during production has to be geared up.

Information Access Control:

  1. Security longs for failed password attempt registers is empty without any entries. If no attempts were made then ‘Nil’ has to be recorded.
  2. Unannounced surprise checks on the whole system has to be increased.
  3. Password Changed Register must contain an inspection sheet.

Storages and Distribution:

  1. Store personals must be given adequate knowledge on the verification procedure non manifested cargo from being loaded.
  2. The concerned persons must be given proper training on departing cargo verification against purchase and delivery order.
  3. Some signatures found missing in the seal control register.
  4. Periodic unannounced related to storage and distributions are being performed properly.

Employee/ Visitor Packing:

  1. Parking lot must keep under observation.
  2. Identification logs must be used for all types of vehicles parked.
  3. Undercarriage of all vehicles must be checked by button viewers.

Loading/Unloading Shipment:

  1. The second sweater accompanying the Cargo Container up to port has put his signature in the concerned register.
  2. MAERSK logistics be asked to enter seal number in the Bill of Lading.
  3. The second sweater accompanying the cargo up to port should report long traffic jams.

Contractor Control:

  1. All contract workers must attend orientation training like own workers.
  2. Contract must be summoned time to time for brief and up date of security.
  3. All contractors must undergo proper background checks.