Textile Dye House Automation System Software List

Dye House Automation Software

Textile Dye House Automation

The Dye house automation system software provides fully automation of dye house department of the plant. It provides a complete automation solution.  The Dye house automation system software cover all steps from batch planning automation to dyeing end automation needed in the process of dyeing. The Dye house automation system software has good graphical user interface and easy menu navigation. This software’s help users with a basic windows background to easily use the software system. For further information please contact us Email: autogarments@gmail.com, Cell# +880 17 92 52 53 54

Sedomat 2800 Sedomat 5800


Textile Dyeing Controller:

Dye House Controller

Dye House Controller

Textile Central Control Systems:

  • SedoMonitor
  • Batch dyeing machines Module of SedoMaster
  • Finishing machines Module of SedoMaster
  • Link host Module of SedoMaster
  • Link recipe system Module of SedoMaster
  • Link dispensing Module of  SedoMaster
  • Weighing station Module of  SedoMaster
  • Inventory dyestuff + chemicals Module of SedoMaster
  • EnergyMaster
Sedomaster 5000 Sedomat Sedomat 1800

Central System

Online Monitoring of Dye Machine Controller:

  • Program editor – Setex Module of OrgaTEX Basic
  • Online status – Setex Module of OrgaTEX Basic
  • Process analyzer Module of  Setex – OrgaTEX Basic
  • Configuration and setup  Module of  Setex – OrgaTEX Basic
  • Backup – Setex Module of OrgaTEX Basic
  • ControlPro
  • Micro Services Group – Dye Machine Control
  • SECOM X40 module of Controller
  • SECOM 535 module of Controller
  • SECOM 535 module of Controller
  • Machine management software OrgaTEX
  • Controllers for discontinuous processes
  • CPUs module of Compact PLC
  • I/O cards module of Compact PLC
  • Fieldbus modules
  • Seam detection module of Sensors
Online Monitoring of Dye Machine

Online Monitoring

Dyeing ERP Software Solutions

Effective Dyeing ERP software solutions

SedoMaster Editor:

SedoMaster Editor is a tool to create and administer treatments and processes (programs). Processes are available at one place for all machine controllers and can be send ‘at a push of a button’ to the corresponding controller. The processes are used on the controller as ‘local’ programs. Programs, which are created on a controller can be loaded into SedoMaster Editor.Start the SedoMaster EDITOR. You can work with the left and right mouse button. All instructions are written for a right-hander mouse user. To access menus click on the menu bar and select the menu-item. Shortcut menus opens by a rightclick.


  1. Menu
  2. Toolbar (hide/unhide via the menu View, Toolbar)
  3. Navigation pane
  4. Contents pane
  5. Status Bar (hide/unhide via the menu View, Statusbar)

To provide an optimal overview on the working environment the SedoMaster EDITOR is divided in panes.On the left, the Navigation pane is shown. This Navigation pane contains three property sheets with their tabs Process, Treatment and Function on the top. Within this property sheets there are lists with objects in a directory tree. Click on the corresponding tab and the property sheet comes to the forefront so you can use features.On the right, the Contents pane is shown. This Contents pane shows, depending on your selection, processes and/or treatments.

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