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Stenter Machine Process and Procedure

Stenter Machine Process

Stenter Machine Stenter machine can be defined as a stente finishing process in which the open width form of the fabric is treated to set up the required width, weight, and fabric texture as per customer’s specification. These requirements from the customer are achieved by a single Stenter machine process (i.e. Chemical application, Overfeeding-Compaction, Drying- Curing and setting of Width and Yield). Stenter Machine Process Requirements Equipment used Following equipment is used for Stenter Finishing process Bruckner stenter machine Key […]

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Textile Stenter Machine Parts Description

Textile Stenter Machine Parts

Textile Stenter Machine Textile stenter machine parts are very important to complete the whole stente process. The steps process using stenter frame and relax dryer and compactor. The damp fabric runs through the relax dryer (no pins) at a fast speed because the fabric has only 30% water content.  Fabric comes out dry at 68-70″. The Maintenance Department performs the preventive maintenance task as per the schedule. Refer to Maintenance Specification for details. Stenter Frame Stenter frame – 5 chamber […]

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An Overview of Stenter Machine is used in Textile Industry

Stenter Machine is used in Textile Industry

Stenter Machine: Stenter machine is electrical machines used in textile industry for stretching or stentering thin fabrics such as muslin. Stenter  electrical machines are called as stenter hook. In stenter open compactor fabrics enter. Here Cotton fabric shrinks widthwise & weft are distorted due to bletching & dyeing process. Functions of Machinery and Equipment: Spirility measured by the stenter m/c It works as textile machinery and equipment Stenter m/c control shrinkage property Stenter mc is used for curing treatment for resin, water repellent fabric Heat setting […]

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