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How Projectile Loom Makes Weaving Patterns

Projectile Loom makes beautifull Weaving Patterns for Looming

Projectile Loom for Weaving Patterns: Projectile Loom makes weaving patterns for looming in textile industry. The loom follows weaving techniques those use a projectile equipped with a gripper to carrying weft yarn across the shed is called projectile loom. It allows the insertion of practically any yarn such as cotton, wool, polypropylene ribbon, mono and multifilament yarns, jute and linen. Specifications of Projectile Loom for Looming: [label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name”] [label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”] Product Category Weaving Machine Category Loom Machine Product Name Projectile Loom Product […]

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What is Water Jet Loom? Weaving Machine for Looming

Water Jet Loom is a Weaving Machine for Looming

Water Jet Loom for Looming: Water Jet Loom is a weaving machine for looming used to jet of water for carrying weft yarn through a shed. Waterjet Loom is not suitable for cotton looming during making yarn. It is used for synthetics yarn. Water jet Loom is characterized by high insertion performance and low energy consumption. [1] Specifications of Kmt Waterjet Loom: Specification of Kmt Waterjet Loom is given below- [label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name“] [label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value“] Product Category Weaving Machine Category […]

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What is Rapier Loom Weaving Machine of Textile Industry?

Rapier Loom is Rapier Weaving Machine for Textile Industry

Rapier Loom is Rapier Weaving Machine Rapier loom making a loom in weaving machine using rapier which is flexible for carrying the weft yarn across through the shed. After reaching the destination, the rapier head returns empty to pick up the next weft yarn. One side of a rapier machine, a rod or steel tape, carries the weft yarn for making a loom. The other side of the rapier is connected to the control system. Types of looms for Textile […]

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Air Jet Loom for Human

Air Jet Loom for Human

Air Jet Loom: Airjet loom carrying the yarn via shed is known as Air jet loom. Air jet loom has biggest weft yarn insertion performance and considered as the most productive of the manufacturing of light to medium weight fabrics, preferably made of cotton and certain man made fibers. Aair jet looms are the ideal solution to produce bulk quantities of customized fabric styles. The weaving widths range generally from 192 to 400 cm for jet air of air jet mill. [1] Specifications […]

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