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Slitter or Slitting Machine. An Industrial Equipment

Slitting Slitter is an Industrial Equipment for Fabric

Slitting Machine or Slitter: Slitting machine or slitter is an industrial equipment is used for tubular fabric for making it to open form finishing line by machine operator for textile design. Slitting is a special process that is useful for cutting the tubular cloth through cut or  laser cut machine direction prior to stenter machine and open width compactor machine. During slitting by slitter machine it is necessary to be very attentive about the cutting line or else, cloth faults can be occurred there […]

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What is Lace Trim? List of Fabric Trimmings.

Trim Trimming Fabric and Lace is used in Fashion Industries

Fabric Trim: The raw materials like fabric and lace is used in sewing room other than fabric are called fabric trim. Another way it can be said that trimmings materials are openly attached with the fabric to make a garment are called fabric trim. Must  have no loose/ uncut threads left on the final product, neither on inside or outside, 3-5 mm is accepted Fabric Trim for Children: A small part is a component that fits entirely within the testing cylinder by its […]

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Remote Visual Inspection Standard for Apparel Industry

Remote Visual Inspection Standard

Remote Visual Inspection: Remote visual inspection of apparel industry is automation testing way for  the operators as they can  records the defect code and the length at which the defect has occurred in a pre-printed stationery for further analysis. It is linked with a encoder for correct measurement of the fabric length. The operator find the defect code by using the keyboard. The online fabric inspection system automatically records the length at which the defect. The operator find the defect code […]

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