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We are happy to inform you that http://autogarment.com/ is specially designed for garments/textile machine manufacturers/agents as well as for the professionals. Our website is specially designed based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our IT specialists are making your product SEO always so that the buyers found their expected products quickly. Our system sharing your product every moments automatically in social media e.g. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, G+, Pintrest etc.

As a valued supplier you can share your products manual/catalogue through our website for the professionals to promote your business in both home and abroad. We expect your descriptive (broad) product information and short company information e.g. your designation, official email address, company name and company website.

We do not publish duplicate manual. Duplicate means the manual exist in internet either completely match other content or are appreciably similar. If you copy the manual from website you need to edit full document to make it unique. Unique content has always been important for website SEO and professionals seeking on search engine.

Everyday a lot of professionals are visiting this site/blog. So feel free to start promoting your business by posting your products manual/catelogue through our site. Please send your catalogue at autogarments@gmail.com from your official email address. You will get following advantages if you be a member.

  1. Google search engine will show your machine information in first page.
  2. Our software system will send auto mail to buyers for promoting your products we have largest buyer directory.
  3. Our software system will share your products/machines to all social media e.g. facebook, linkedin, twitter, g+, tsu, instgram etc.
  4. We have more than 100 engineers working always in social media to share the products/machines information of premium members.
  5. Everyday a lot of buyers making their inquiry to us about garments/textile/all others apparel machinery.
  6. We will show your machines add in our article posting sites

Auto Garment Publish Article Related To:

1. Share machine information by the vendors
2. Share practical experience from garment and textile professionals.
3. Publish article related to garment and textile only.
4. Publish thesis/research paper
5. Draw flow chart of practical working process.
6. Share machine specifications
7. Share for students as virtual industry

How to Write a Fashion Article by Textile Professional :

  1. Write any topics related to garments and textile
  2. You can send us your Textile Thesis Paper / Assignment which you completed during your study.
  3. Chose any Machine from List of Garments & Textile Machine http://autogarment.com/list-of-textile-and-garments-machine/. We prefer those machine which are not published till now.
  4. After choosing a machine name form above link/ website/ your wish – writes Definition or Types or Function or Parts or Specification or Feature or Advantages or Works etc of that machine.
  5. Remember the paragraph should be unique. Write your own language. You can copy from internet but must edit. There are many software or tools exist to check your writing is duplicate or not.
  6. Remember your name and email address will publish in our website. After publishing your writing find your name below of this article. Please save the published link in your notebook. In future it may be helpful for you. We will pay you based on number of article. Share this article/ post always to your friends/groups. You may include this article reference in you CV which may help to judge your skill.
  7. Remember – Write Your Name, Education, Designation, Employer Name with content which will published below of the article
  8. Check your writing is duplicate or not. Browse this links https://plagiarisma.net/ where you can verify your writing is unique or not.
  9. Please don’t forget to send the copy to us at autogarments@gmail.com.

List of Fashion, Garment and Textile Machine


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Garment Auto Machine Technologist
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