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Please send an application and CV to autogarments@gmail.com. It is not required to come to us just work from your home. Autogarment launched recently so it will not pay at initial state.

Publisher, Editor and Admin :

  1. Kh. Mashiur Rahman DISM, IADCS, CSE, M.Sc in Telecom, Hangzhou iEcho China Certified Garment CAD Professional, Working in Garments & Textile Industry, Email : autogarments@gmail.com

Advisory Panel :

  1. Aravin Prince Periyasamy, Assistant Professor, DKTE Textile and Engineering Institute, India
  2. Wanted… Qualification: Lecturer of the Universities

Editor and Lecturer in Chief:

  1. Wanted… Qualification: B.Sc./M.Sc.in Textile Engineer/ Equivalent

Editor and Lecture:

  1. Dr. Gordana Čolović, Professor – The College of Textile – Design, Technology & Management-DTM
  2. Wanted… Qualification: B.Sc./M.Sc.in Textile Engineer/ Equivalent

Associate Editor and Lecture:

  1. Engr. Md. Arifuzzaman, M.Sc in Textile Engineering, MBSTU, Senior Lecturer Department of Textile, City University

Assistant Editor and Lecture:

  1. Abu Isha Kha, Principal & CEO of Dhaka Apparel, The Institute of Fashion Technology

Editor in Chief:

  1. Robert Hook Chief Engineer, Textile Machine Division, Echo Technology, Japan
  2. Wanted… Qualification: B.Sc./M.Sc.in Textile Engineer/ Equivalent


  1. Rahmat Ullah Joy, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Daffodil International University, Reporter of www.apparelbangladesh24.com, Moderator of  Email: rahamat.tex@gmail.com
  2. Bhavdip PaldiyaBachlor of Engineering in Textile Technology, Gujarat Technological University, Email: Bhavdipk9009@gmail.com
  3. Sheikh NurjaMerchandiser at Corporate office, B.Sc in Textile Engineer, City University, E-mail: engineer.nurja@gmail.com
  4. Md. Ferdus Alam, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Southeast University

Associate Editor:

  1. Obaidur Rahman, B.Sc.in Textile Engineering, BTEC
  2. Shareful Islam Palash, Founder of  General Knowledge of Textile

Assistant Editor:

  1. S. M. Bappy Rana, B.Sc.in Textile Engineering, BUBT
  2. Md Fakahruddin, B.Sc.in Textile Engineering, DUET

Developer in Chief:

  1. Wanted… Qualification: Experience in website development

Developer :

  1. Mazharul Islam Kiron,  Editor-in-Chief, Textile Learner
  2. Wanted……

Associate Developer:

  1. B. Mohanraj,  B.Tech. Textile Technology, Park College of Engineering and Technology, Kaniyur-India, Works in  JJ Mills India (Pvt) Ltd
  2. Md.Ahsanul hossain, Facebook Division, hamontopabna@yahoo.com, Cell# 01766463921

Assistant Developer:

  1. Sujan Shakhawat, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, City University

SEO Specialist in Chief:

  1. Wanted… 

SEO Specialist :

  1. Wanted… 

Associate SEO Specialist :

  1. Wanted… 

Marketing Executive in Chief:

  1. Wanted… Qualification: B.Sc.in Textile Engineer/ Equivalent

Marketing Executive :

  1. Sharful Islam Rasail, Vice-Chairman, Newtex Dyeing & Printing Ltd.

Associate Marketing Executive :

  1. Optimus Sabbir,  Admin of Twitter-Linnkedin-g+ Division, B.Sc.in Textile Engineering, MBSTU

Assistant Marketing Executive:

  1. Nurunnesa Orpa, B.Sc.in Textile Engineering, BUTEX

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