What is HIV Aids Policy in the Workplace ?

What is HIV Aids Policy in the Workplace

HIV Aids Policy

This hiv aids policy in the workplace is applicable for all the employees of Auto Group ranging from workers to staff of different level in side of the organization. Auto recognizes the magnitude and severity of the development of hiv aids policy in the workplace epidemic worldwide. Auto is committed to develop safe and co-operative workplace where affected persons are not marginalized or shunned. Even in this age people are not that much aware about the HIV/ AIDS. To make a non-discriminating and harassment free work place along with appropriate awareness and prevention support, this policy has been formulated. Read more »

What is Hard Plastic Glasses Control Policy?

What is Hard Plastic Glasses Control Policy?

Hard Plastic Glasses

To establish a hard plastic glasses Control Program in organization or outside at the side disposal side, to prevent serious physical hazards to employees of organization or human society outside or product and that could cause injury or death to the customer. The following procedures shall be adhered to by all company personnel to prevent possible hard plastic glasses safety hazards. Read more »

Billing and Inventory Management Software Free Download

Billing and Inventory Management Software Free Download

Billing and Inventory Management Software

There is no better software to help manage your Office Inventory Management Software needs of your business except our Billing and Inventory Management Software. Our proven track records, powerful feature functionality, and commitment to my product, is why more and more business owners are choosing this software. Inventory Management Software is billing and inventory management software offers all the features and tools you’ll need to operate day to day operation to grow your business with greater ease. It’s one office Inventory management software solution that does it all. Easily manage and track your vendors, issued items history. Dailey, weekly, Monthly, Yearly Report by different ways. This is all about getting information without hassles and many more. In next few pages I’m illustrating documentation for better understanding.  Computerized Inventory Control System Pdf Manual is very usefull about the operating porcedure  Read more »

What is Tensile Test? How Tensile Strength Tester Works?

What is Tensile Test? How Tensile Strength Tester Works?

Tensile Test

This Tensile test done to measure the Tensile strength tester property of any  material. The equipment is called tensile strenght tester. Take a strip of 12” x 1” from testing material and aligned it properly between two iron rods. Before moving further, make sure that t.s. Tensile tester scale needle is on zero. Press the start button and both iron rods move into reverse direction. Where this strip breaks, take the reading of meter scale. This reading comes in k.g. So for lbs multiply it with 2.2. So derive figure will be Tensile strength tester for testing material. This strength requirement varies from buyer to buyer. Read more »

How to Download Tally ERP 9 Software ?

How to Download Tally ERP 9 Software

Tally ERP 9

Tally erp 9 is a complete Accounting, Inventory and MIS Software developed and designed to meet best the requirements of financial accounting, inventory accounting, and MIS of an organization whatever the type of its business is. Tally is a most powerful, yet very simple and easy, Software for operation. The power and simplicity of Tally has, so far, got 20 lakhs satisfied users in 88 countries all over the world and this number is increasing tremendously. Tally erp 9 has got a wide acceptance in our country too. It may be mentioned here that, now you can maintain your accounting even in Bangla. Read more »

What is Electrical Safety Training System ?

What is Electrical Safety Training System

Electrical Safety Training System

This is the document about electrical safety training system during the maintenance period. Electrical safety training is very crucial for any kind of maintenance person (especially for electricians). Electrical safety training is definite by the process in which P.P.E (Personal Protection Equipment), LOTO (Log Out Tag Out) and de-energized concept, using of engineering tools in sense of the wellbeing, net and clean approach, and high degree of consciousness are exercised during the whole training phase. Read more »

What is Environment Policy, Health and Safety Policy?

What is Environment Policy, Health and Safety Policy

What is Environment Policy

To ensure healthy and hygienic environment for suitable and comfortable work place at Auto Limited. This policy applies to all employees of the company regarding all aspects of healthy environment in respect to national and international laws. Bangladesh is earning substantial amount of foreign currency by exporting readymade garments product. The project is an 100% export oriented garment manufacturing industry Established in January -2001. It is well recognized that each industrial development has impact on the natural environment policy directly or indirectly. So, the environmental aspect of factory activities have been taken in to consideration and attention is paid to protect the environment. The first step in this process is to identify the potential impact of the factory and evaluate the intensity of the impact so that effective measures can be taken to mitigate adverse impact. Read more »

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