Garment Factory Compliance Checklist

Garment Factory Compliance Checklist

Compliance Checklist 

Statutory Register/Databases Updated

  • Form Compliance 7 (White Wash Register/Database)
  • Form Compliance 9 (Compensatory Holiday)
  • Form Compliance 12 (Adult Register/Database)
  • Form Compliance 15 (Leave With Wages)
  • Form Compliance 16 (Health Register/Database)
  • Form Compliance 25A (Muster Roll)
  • Form Compliance 25B (Time Card)
  • Form Compliance 26 (Accident Register/Database)
  • Form Compliance 26A (Dangerous Occurances)
  • Form Compliance 28 (Exemption Register/Database)
  • Form Compliance 29 (Particulars of Room)
  • Inspection Register/Database
  • Form Compliance 1 (Workmen Register/Database)
  • Form Compliance 1 (Suspension Register/Database)
  • Form Compliance D (Equal Remuneration)
  • Form Compliance B (Deduction Register/Database)
  • Form Compliance C (Unpaid Accumulation)
  • Form Compliance II (Deduction for damages)
  • Form Compliance VI (National and  Festival Holiday)
  • ESI Accident Register/Database
  • Form Compliance 10 (Overtime Register/Database)
  • Statutory Returns Submitted within date
  • Form Compliance 12A EPF Monthly Return
  • Form Compliance 2A Nomination Form Compliance s Submitted
  • Form Compliance 5 EPF Addition Return
  • Form Compliance 10 EPF Deletion Return
  • Form Compliance 3 ESI Return
  • Form Compliance 1 ESI Nomination submitted
  • Form Compliance 2 (Licence and agreement  Renewal)
  • Form Compliance 23 (Annual Return to IF)
  • Form Compliance 22 (Half Year Return to IF)
  • Form Compliance 2 (Half Year Return – Subssistance Allowance)
  • Form Compliance 2 (Half Year Return – Conferment to permanent statuts)
  • Form Compliance A (Labour Welfare Fund)
  • Form Compliance C (Unpaid Accumulation)

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What is The Accord Bangladesh for Safety Worker?

The Accord Bangladesh for Safety Worker?

What is the Accord?

The accord bangladesh Legally binding agreement b/w global & national unions and 150+ global apparel brands with international NGO witness signatories. Aims to ensure a safe and sustainable BGD RMG industry.  Thorough, independent inspections with public reports. Factories undergo necessary renovations with financial assistance to factories that need it. Requires at least a 2-year commitment to safe factories. Factory that refuses to operate safely will lose business relationship with the accord alliance bangladesh brand(s). Central role for workers and unions, including OHS committees and right to refuse dangerous work. Governance: steering committee with ILO as neutral chair.  Receives feedback/input from an advisory board. Mandatory inspections with remediation as determined by engineers/technicians with support of brands as and if required. Disclosure and public access to information. Mandatory training programs and functioning safety committees. Worker safety complaints mechanism. Read more »

Accord Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

Accord Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

Audit Programs of alliance for bangladesh worker safety by Accord & Alliance team, to appraise the building, Electrical and fire Safety, are being carried out in all the member factories of BGMEA and already approximately 400 factories have been audited. On the Other hand as a routine procedure Safety audit under social compliance are also being carried out by the buyers. Accord is carrying out these audits based on BNBC Standards. On the other hand buyer’s routine audits are being carried out based on BNBC, local laws & rules, Fire Service defense Acts etc. Read more »

Authorization Latter for a Garments Garden

Dear Sir,

We, Autogarment Company Ltd., Address: Rm6001, No.1, Green Land Technology Square, Lane 58, East Xinjian Road, Shanghai, China hereby agree to authorize M/s Auto Agriscience Limited, Marketing Agent and also submit our file for the products of Zinc Sulphate (Hepta) Fertilizer to register in Bangladesh. We have confirmed that we are the basic manufacturer of the above products in china. Read more »

What is Oxidization Tank? Describe the Process.

What is Oxidization Tank

Oxidization Tank

Waste water from the knit dyeing project destroy the quality of water body in which they are exposed affecting the marine life. It also has a harmful effect of sewerage handling system and agricultural land. The characteristics and effect of effluent are as follows Read more »

What is Neutralizing for ETP ?

Neutralizing for ETP


Neutralizing is used to achieve the correct results. It is used to increase the Bacteria growth in FBBR. It also used to increase the efficiency of Biological system. To reduce the current and electrode consumption in EC system Read more »

What is Digital TDS Meter Online ?

What is Digital TDS Meter Online

Digital TDS Meter

  • Switch ON the instrument , wait till its warm up
  • Adjust the temperature setting knob to room temperature
  • Set the check value as 1 .000
  • Wash the electrode by DM water
  • Dip the electrode 3000 PPM TDS calibration solution.
  • Adjust the reading to 3000 by using calibration knob of digital tds meter online
  • Rotate the knob to cell constant
  • Note the cell constant reading of tds meter online
  • Before going to check the sample , cross check the cell constant
  • Using the range knob we can measure the sample.
  • Instrument in stand by time rotate the switch to check position
  • Prepare 3000 PPM solution weakly once using sodium chloride or KCl

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