Automatic Packaging Machine List

Automatic Packaging Machine List

Automatic Packaging Machine List

What is CNC Slotting Machine? The Automatic Packaging Machines

What is Blister Packaging Machine?

What is Blister Packaging Machine?

Blister Packaging Machine?

What is Blister Packaging

It is a packaging machine of garments accesories company. To establish a standard preventive maintenance procedure of Automatic blister packaging machine. To ensure safe and standard preventive maintenance procedure of Automatic blister packaging machine to meet the required smooth operation in solid & liquid production area. Responsibility by Engineering Personnel Read more »

How Automatic Spray Painting Machine Works?

How Automatic Spray Painting Machine

Automatic Spray Painting Machine

The purpose of this automatic spray painting machine procedure is to ensure that spray and painted is carried out in a safe and efficient manner. Painting operations can give rise to a range of health and safety problems. Problems of acute and chronic health effects can be cause by the over exposure to hazardous substances used in painting operations. Therefore safety is particularly important where risk to the health of personnel is prevalent. The risks to health of employees in any painting process are covered by the provisions of the control of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulations. Read more »

What Is Fabric Spirality Tester? Spirality Test Method

What Is Fabric Spirality Tester. Spirality Test Method

Spirality Tester and Test Method

Fabric Spirality tester is a equipment for dimensional distortion in circular plain knitted fabrics. This In House Test Method describes the method of test in order to determine the spirality test method which occurs in a material resulting from laundering procedures. The correct number of test specimens are to be prepared and tested as specified within this test method in order to achieve a performance assessment of the product/fabric as described within the scope. Read more »

Stenter Machine Process and Procedure

Stenter Machine Process

Stenter Machine

Stenter machine can be defined as a stente finishing process in which the open width form of the fabric is treated to set up the required width, weight, and fabric texture as per customer’s specification. These requirements from the customer are achieved by a single Stenter machine process (i.e. Chemical application, Overfeeding-Compaction, Drying- Curing and setting of Width and Yield). Read more »

Textile Stenter Machine Parts Description

Textile Stenter Machine Parts

Textile Stenter Machine

Textile stenter machine parts are very important to complete the whole stente process. The steps process using stenter frame and relax dryer and compactor. The damp fabric runs through the relax dryer (no pins) at a fast speed because the fabric has only 30% water content.  Fabric comes out dry at 68-70″. The Maintenance Department performs the preventive maintenance task as per the schedule. Refer to Maintenance Specification for details. Read more »

What is Relax Dryer Machine?

Relax Dryer Machine?

Relax Dryer Machine

Drying is defined as a process where the liquid portion of the solution is evaporated from the fabric. Curing- Curing is a repetitive drying process to cure the cross-linking agent. The operator fixes the expreader as per the required width of the fabric, then sets the temperature, machine speed and over feed (depends on construction of fabric and shades) and then he feeds the fabric to machine for production. Read more »

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