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Overlocker Sewing Machine Repair and Adjusting Parameters

Overlocker Sewing Machine Repair

Sewing Machine Repair: Sewing machine repair is the major factors now a day. We should assemble the sewing machine correctly. To prevent the overheat of needle point caused by the high speed sewing especially when it is made with synthetic threads and/or fabrics, HR unit is installed on the machine. Regular  sewing machine repair makes the stitch skipping, thread breakage and such troubles as burning or enlargement of stitch hole on the fabric can be prevented. Oil should be used […]

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Overlock Sewing Machine. Brother Industrial Sewing Machine

Overlock Sewing Machine is First Sewing Machine

Overlock Sewing Machine: Overlock Sewing Machine is very first sewing machine made by brother and other manufacturers.  The sewing machine which is used for sewing edge or to join two or more fabric pieces by five or more threads is called over lock sewing machine. Usually this machine will cut the edges of the cloth as they are fed though some are made without machine cutters. Function of Overlock Sewing Machine: The functions of brother over lock sewing machine are given […]

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