Knitting projects – All knitting types of machine are described in this category

Circular Knit Machine Type and List

Circular Knit Machine M/C DIA/GGM/C TYPEBrand nameRemarks24”/24GS/JERSEYPailungFull feeder lycra provision25”/24GS/ JERSEYPailungFull feeder lycra provision26”/24GS/ JERSEYFukuharaFull feeder lycra attachment26”/24GS/ JERSEYPailungFull feeder lycra attachment28”/24GS/ JERSEYFukuharaFull feeder lycra attachment28”/24G PailungFull feeder lycra provision30”/24GS/ JERSEYFukuharaExtra 2 cylinder 20G30”/28GS/ JERSEYMayer & CieExtra 2 cylinder 24G   Full feeder lycra attachment30”/28GS/ JERSEYFukuharaExtra 2 cylinder 24G   Full feeder lycra …

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