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Water Jet Loom is a Weaving Machine for Looming
Water Jet Loom

What is Water Jet Loom? Weaving Machine for Looming

Water Jet Loom for Looming:

Water Jet Loom is a weaving machine for looming used to jet of water for carrying weft yarn through a shed. Waterjet Loom is not suitable for cotton looming during making yarn. It is used for synthetics yarn. Water jet Loom is characterized by high insertion performance and low energy consumption. [1]

Specifications of Kmt Waterjet Loom:

Specification of Kmt Waterjet Loom is given below-

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name“] [label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value“]
Product Category Weaving
Machine Category Loom Machine
Product Name Kmt Waterjet Loom
Product Model According to Manufacturer
Product Class New
Origin China/India/Others
Brand/Manufacturer kmt waterjet
Agent In Bangladesh No/Yes
Power 2.2KW
Temperature Normal
Certification SGS/Others
Production Capacity 100 Set/Sets per Month
Droppers 10000pcs
Work Width 2300 (mm)
Head Frame 6/8/10/16
Rotational Speed 1,200 rpm
Speed 280rpm
Weft Density 20-1800D
Weft Density Range 6-60pick/cm
Nozzle 1/2
Take Up Mechanic/Electric
Let Off Mechanic/Electric
Motor 1.5 /2.0 Kw
Dimension 4450*2300*3100mm
Weight 3000KG
Description Water jets loom is to increase the weight and thickness of all motion parts

Advantages of Water Jet Loom: 

  • Smooth and Quiet loom weaving of water jet looms machine
  • Accurate steering control of loom weaving
  • Indirect movement possible with multiple jet installations.
  • Flexibility during the use of multiple water jet looms may allow operators to continue to operate  efficiently on fewer drives
  • Maximum Engine Life of water jet looms
  • Simplicity of loom knitting for water jet looms
  • Easy installation for water jet looms
  • Jet unit impeller is finely matched to engine power for making  loom weaving
  • Power absorption is the similar of boat speed
  • Single packaged module for  loom weaving machine
  • No heavy gearbox required for  loom weaving machine
  • Excellent Maneuverability for the machine
  • Low Drag and Shallow Draught for loom knitting machine
  • Low Maintenance for water loom knitting machine,
  • Simple drive line from engine to jet coupling of  looming
  • There is no engine alignment problems.
  • Absenteeism of underwater appendages decreases hull resistance
  • Lowest downtime and easy maintenance routines
  • There is no vibration during looming [2]

Working Procedure of Hydrojet Loom:

Hydrojet Loom is only 0.1 centimeter is enough to carry a yarn crossways a 48 inch shed. The measure of water required for each weft yarn is less than 2.0 cubic centimeters.

Water Jet Loom

Hydrojet loom  machines can arrive at 2,000 meters of picks per minute. The hydrojet loom may produce high quality fabrics that have good appearance with feel. [2]

History of Water Jet Loom for Looming:

Waterjet Loom was first invented 1950 at Czechoslovakia. After that it is refined by the Japanese in the1960. Hydrojet Loom are not used as frequently as air jets, but they are chosen for some types of fabrics. The process is not fitting for yarns of hydrophilic fibers because the fabric picks up huge moisture [2]

Weaving Loom for Sale:

For example, the optional breadth may vary from 135 cm to 360 cm. Within this range, we can meet any demand form the customers. If customers don’t really have idea how wide their fabrics should be, It does not matter. Just tell us what you want to do and we will give you our best possible suggestions. [3]

Weft insertion rate is max 2280 meter/min. And the rotating speed is 12000 RPM at highest. Of course it is adjustable in accordance with desired fabrics specifications.[3]

As for spare parts, normally we attach each set 4,6 or 8 pieces of heald  frames, 10 pieces of cam opening and 16 pieces of dobby at most.[3]

Some machine cost effectiveness also lies in its power, only 1.5-4.5 Kw, which means you can produce more fine fabrics with a low power consumption. The range of weft density is about 5-80 thread per cm, quite optional for customer to choose the right one. Our mission is to bring the best possible weaving machine for the textile industry all over Bangla. And that is why we are here, to introduce you our water jet loom weaving machine.[3]

[1] Md. Ferdus Alam, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Southeast University, Cell # 1723300700,  Email- ferdus.j@gmail.com
[2] MD Mainuddin, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering
[3] Sui John, Sales Manager, Cell# 86-532-86943452, Email: John john@rising-textile-machinery.com, Website – rising-textile-machinery.com


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