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Types of Embroidery Machine. Embroidery Network Management

Embroidery Machine Network

Types of Embroidery Machine Embroidery machine is manufacturing in all developed country. This machine is used for making embroider design on fabric and garments. There are different types of embroidery machine manufactured by different company e.g.   Quilting embroidery machine, cap embroidery machine, sequin embroidery machine, single head multi needle embroidery …

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Sequin Embroidery Machine which Embroider on Garments

Sequin Embroidery Machine Embroider on Garments

Sequin Machine: Sequin embroidery machine embroider on garments and this machine is made by multi head and multi needle, that can embroider several free embroidery design at the same time it can realize the function of auto trimmer.  The feature of  sequin machine is automatic control of embroidery, no need hand embroidery, make the embroidery robotization. This …

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