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Raising Machine is used for Textile Finishing inTextile Mill
Standard Raising Macines

Raising Machine is used for Textile Finishing in Textile Mill

Raising Machine for Fabric Manufacturers:

Raising machine is using in textile mill by fabric manufacturers which is an industrial equipment of textile industry used in textile finishing process  of textile sectors. This machine raises the surface of fiber passage using the method of  textile technology over rapidly revolving cylinders covered with metal points or teasel burrs. This is a very old technique known also to romans is used for textile design. During those last years this process has also been apply on viscose blends and acrylic fabrics in textile mill. This machine is used after Open Width Compactor or Tubuler Compactor. 

Function of Raising Machine for Textile Mill: 

Raising Machine for textile mill mainly used on raising for  fleece , the pile of blanket and cotton flannel fabric in textile finishing department of textile mill. Raising machines textile use in textile factory for textile finishing process for textile design.

Parts of Raising Machines Textile:

The parts of raising machines textile are given below-

raising machine
Raising Machine
  • Hooks,
  • Fabric tension adjustment,
  • Fabric,
  • Nib cleaning brushes,
  • Roller

Specifications of Raising Machine for Textile Finishing:

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name”]

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”]

Product Category


Machine Category

Raising Machines

Product Name

Raising m/c of Textile Mill

Product Model

Based on Manufacturer related to Textile Mill

Product Class





Based on Manufacturer of  textile finishing

Agent in Bangladesh








Production Capacity


Working width


Number of raising roller

 24 28 Diameter: φ80mm

Roller diameter


The diameter of cylinder


Drum speed

60-90 variable

Working speed


The rotational speed of cylinder


Total motor power

35 W

Dimensions -LxW xH


Machine weight

6950 kg


The machine which made by  textile technology is suitable for raising blankets,woolen fabrics, knitted fabrics, woven filament fabrics and their blended fabrics in textile factory.

Feature of Raising Machine for Textile Design:

  • Using textile technology for bridge is improved makes belt long life,
  • Diameter of tension wheel improved makes belt long life,
  • When the machine stop running safe and higher efficient the belt loosen completely in textile industry,
  • Raising m/c is using for textile finishing process which is equipped with quick change belt system and multi-functional cloth in textile industry,
  • Big bearing improved load capability for textile design.
  • This machine is used by fabric manufacturers

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