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Pressing Machines Servicing Procedure
Pressing Machines Servicing Procedure

Pressing Machines Servicing Procedure

Pressing Machines Servicing

Pressing Machine servicing records not done weekly or at least monthly (e.g. winding, washing, pressing machines). Spare and broken needle found in machine drawers.

  • Accessories should be on shelves with hang tag Indicating style no, buyer name, color, lot no etc.
  • Cutting tables without broken and sharp edges.
  • Sewing machine tables without broken and sharp edges.
  • All cutter and scissors tied with machines with user name.
  • All machine oil must changes periodically and cleans.
  • Machine maintenance card must update.
  • No pressing standard or approval/reference sample available on site. To be displayed for every style/order with signature.
  • Pressing cloths, stands and patterns dirty & damaged. Steam iron found without iron stand.
  • Inside foam found deformed.
  • Pressing operators are not well trained about their equipment handling. Some pressing and pressing tables found with moisture due to excessive steam.
  • No AQL maintained for inspections. Measurement checks not recorded. No piece to piece measurement audit done after pressing. No measurement audit done during pressing. 100% measurement checks on critical areas (chest, back length, sleeve length & neck circumference) not done, regardless of whether the order is washed or non-washed.
  • Random inspection to be done hourly rather than e.g. 3 times per day.
  • Lots are not clearly marked for hourly inspection and after inspection there should be passed to packing section if inspection has passed.
  • Inadequate lighting found in pressing section. Required lighting is 60-80 FC. Inadequate ventilation found.
  • Actual handling of pressed garments was not verifiable as there was no work.
  • There was no control system established to control the ‘pins’ used for striped fabrics matching, such as daily release and call back, etc.
  • The end of line inspector also made re-pressing for not well pressed products during their inspection. Based on site observation, the surface of the inspection tables were dirty and not quite white.
  • The pressing tables were not installed with vacuum system. Some of the pressing table cloths were dirty.
  • No written standard available as a guideline to pressing operators
  • Measurement audit is done randomly after pressing but not during pressing
  • Sample of packaged garment with trim card not displayed in packing area
  • Complete packed cartons kept on finishing floor rather than in finished goods store
  • Sharp tools maintain strictly with log book.
  • Iron/ pressing table must clean and with vacuum.
  • Garment should be on pallets / Tray.
  • Sufficient lighting in all section. (Inspection/ Sewing/ Finishing/Others)
  • Training skill record of all employees
  • Lab test result report

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