List of Garments CAD – Computer Aided Design Software

Gerber Lectra Catia CAD for Apparel Industry

Garments CAD- Computer Aided Design Software: Garments CAD – computer aided design of Gerber, Lectra and Catia  is online cad designed for Apparel Industry. We are the largest Garment and Textile ERP software collector in Bangladesh. We sale customized ERP for the factories.  We are agent of all Garment and Textile ERP Software company. …

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What is Mittens? Description of Glove Knitting Machine

Mittens are made by Glove Knitting Machine

Glove Knitting Machine for Mittens : Mittens are made by this knitting machine which  is special type of knitting machine for producing gloves. It built by loops of yarn which connects them into various knits to produce crochet fingerless gloves. Labour protection gloves, hand gloves, magic gloves and finger gloves can be produced by …

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Simplex Machine. Spinning Process of Textile Technology

Simplex Machine for Spinning Process of Textile Technology

Simplex Machine for Spinning Process Simplex Machine for spinning process is an industrial machinery used for spinning process of Textile technology to transform the drawn sliver into roving. The main function of simplex machine is the attenuation of drawn sliver and insert small amount of twist to give required strength of roving. …

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Spinning Process of Yarn. How Combing Machine Works

Spinning Mill use Comber Machine for Spinning Process

Spinning Process of Yarn: Spinning Process of textile industry the comber machine is used to convert combed sliver from lap to produce finer and higher quality yarns. The comber machine improves the uniformity and strength of fibers. The function of combing machine is straightening and parallelizing of fibers and the removal …

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