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What is ERM Cleaner and Rieter in Textile Factory
What is ERM Cleaner and Rieter in Textile Factory

What is ERM Cleaner and Rieter in Textile Factory?

ERM Cleaner

It is a fine cleaning machine and it employs with cleaning roller which acts similar to carding roller. It opening, cleaning and removing micro dust and waste.


No. of machine     = 5

Make                     = RIETER

Model                   = B 5/5



There are mainly two objective of draw frame:

  1. Drafting
  2. Doubling

Doubling is done to reduce the unevenness that is weight per unit length. In the sliver generally 6-8 slivers are double in the draw frame drafting is done for parallelisation and to get the required hank of the sliver.

Here two draw frame line are used

  1. Breaker draw frame
  2. Finisher draw frame

Here six breaker draw frame, and six finisher draw frame are used. Draw frames used over here are made by RIETER of model SB51 and RSB951. These entire machine have 3/3 drafting arrangement. These models are equipped with an open loop auto levelling arrangement.


During drafting tension on the fibre is given between the set of two or more roller. The major aim of drawing is to reduce the number of fibre in the sliver cross-section. To reduce the number of fibre in the sliver front roller is rotating at more rpm then back rollers. So there is Ferris ion on the sliver, no of fibre in the cross-section decrease and the fibre becomes more parallel. Most of the drawing machine consists of two zone drafting system. In which two drafting zones are there.

  1. Back zone
  2. Front zone

Drafting is given in both the zones.

The back draft varies between 1.3 and 1.7 depending upon the specification of the fibre. The function of the back zone or draft is essentially to prepare the material for the main drafting zone in the front.


In Ring Spinning department there are total 8 Draw Frame.

  • 4 – Breakers
  • 4- Finisher


Make    – RIETER

Model -RSB-D15

Drafting – 3 over 4

Can diameter – 90 cm

Doubling – 6 sliver

Speed – 500-560 m/min

Production – 1300 to 1500 kg/hr.



Model – RSB-D35

Drafting – 3 over 4

Can diameter – 30 cm

Doubling – 6 slivers

Speed – 500-560 m /min

Production – 1300 to 1500 kg/hr.

Written By – Jony Ahmed, Lab Technologist, Osaka Japan

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