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All knitting types of machine are described in this category

Circular Knit Machine Type and List

Circular Knit Machine M/C DIA/GG M/C TYPE Brand name Remarks 24”/24G S/JERSEY Pailung Full feeder lycra provision 25”/24G S/ JERSEY Pailung Full feeder lycra provision 26”/24G S/ JERSEY Fukuhara Full feeder lycra attachment 26”/24G S/ JERSEY Pailung Full feeder lycra attachment 28”/24G S/ JERSEY Fukuhara Full feeder lycra attachment 28”/24G …

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What Is Fabric Spirality Tester? Spirality Test Method

What Is Fabric Spirality Tester. Spirality Test Method

Spirality Tester and Test Method Fabric Spirality tester is a equipment for dimensional distortion in circular plain knitted fabrics. This In House Test Method describes the method of test in order to determine the spirality test method which occurs in a material resulting from laundering procedures. The correct number of …

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What is Mittens? Description of Glove Knitting Machine

Mittens are made by Glove Knitting Machine

Glove Knitting Machine for Mittens : Mittens are made by this knitting machine which  is special type of knitting machine for producing gloves. It built by loops of yarn which connects them into various knits to produce crochet fingerless gloves. Labour protection gloves, hand gloves, magic gloves and finger gloves can be produced by …

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Circular Knitting Machine creates beautiful Knitting Stitches

1. Circular Knitting Machine for Knitting Stitches: A machine by which tubular and seamless fabrics are produced  using  knitting with circular needles and shaping the fabric by varying the tension or length of the knitting stitches  is called circular knitting machine. It is a technique of knitting in circular or tubular …

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