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What is Inkjet Cutting Plotter. Who Sale It?

Inkjet Cutting Plotter

Inkjet Cutting Plotter Nice to learn that you are professional in your local apparel market. May apparel machine be your hot sale in 2017. We are professional apparel machine manufacturer more than 20 years, including Inkjet Plotter、Cutting Plotter、Flatbed Cutter、Digitizer. We exported kinds of our machines to support more than 30 …

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Lectra Modaris Clothing Patterns Software Installation

Lectra Modaris

Lectra  Modaris V7R2 : Before installation this software FLEXlm licenses manager is mandatory to complete the installation. If we install lectra modaris V7R2 some necessary modaris lectra software will install at a time. Other necessary lectra softwares are Modaris V7R2 and Documentation, Modaservice V7R2, ButtonBox V1.1, Digitizer V2.1 and JustPrint V2R2. …

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What is a Plotter Machine? How to Install CAD Plotter?

What is a Plotter Machine How to Install CAD Plotter

 1. What is a Plotter : The plotter machine is easy to operate, works stably and gives high cost performance. It has the most advanced paper-feeding and-retracting function, and is very suitable for large-format engineering line maps, material layout maps, petroleum well-logs, geological survey maps, land-planning maps, etc. Plotter Machine  is …

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