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How Bill Machine Works?

Bill Machine

Bill Machine The Bills Pay Machine is an offline device where transactions are updated manually. To ensure no more standing in the long queue BILL MACHINE for garments customers launched bills pay centre to facilitate both its customers and non customers. To get the benefit of bills pay machine it is not necessary to be a BILL MACHINE for garments account holder as bills pays machine is open for both customer and non customers to pay their utility bills. Motto […]

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Network Access Control PG-2750 Installation Procedures

Network Access Control

Network Access Control PG-2750 Installation Insert PG network access control installation CD into CDROM for security solutions On WINDOWS screen, move the mouse to “My Computer” and double click left key of the mouse. Move the mouse cursor to the CD driver for installing and then double click the left key Then search forward point to the SETUP and the move the double click the left key of mouse, then the screenshown as figure 1-1 If the Exit Setup selection bar […]

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Access Control & Attendance Solutions

Access Control & Attendance Solutions

Silicon Controlled Rectifier SCR is stands for silicon controlled rectifier. Silicon controlled rectifier consist by diode and biometric technology. RFID based attendance system maintain attendance policy. SCR 100 is access control system with proximity reader which is also known as EM. It is capable to connect for access control software by Local Area Network or RS232/485 port. It is operated on standalone mode and  data is downloaded by pen drive. In addition, this terminal includes embedded web server software. Access control allows time zones as well […]

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