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Baihui HP Fuser Assembly Price List
Baihui HP Fuser Assembly Price List

Baihui HP Fuser Assembly Price List

Good day  !!   this is stillson from baihui technology co.,ltd which is a biggest hp fuser assembly remanufacturer in guangzhou ,china , hp parts as well . our company is located in guangzhou city and we have a factory here ,hp LJ series fuser assembly are our main product such as brandnew hp4250/4300/4200/p4015/4014/4515/m601/602 etc , you can visit our website to see if you are interested in our product .Enclosed product list for your reference , if you need anything , please feel free to contact me ,thanks. looking to your response. You can buy all types hp spare and toner from multilink

BH Heating Element

Model Type
hp1000/1200/1300/1150/3300 Original
hp P1008/P1005/P1006/P1007 Original
hp1010/1012/1015/3015/3030/3020 Original
HP1020/1018/M1005 Original
hp1022/hp1319mfp/3050/3052/3055/M1005 Original
HP1320/2727/3390/3392/1600 Original
hp1505/1522MFP/M1120 Original
HP1536/1606 Original
2035/2055 Original
2400/2420/3005 Original
3600/3800 Grade A
P3015 Original
Grade A
3525/2300/4700/2840/2550 Grade A
4200 Grade A
4250/4350 Grade A
4300/4345 Grade A
4015 Original
Grade A
M600 Original
Grade A
4555 Grade A
630/604 Grade A
5200/5035/5025 Original
Grade A
5100 Grade A
5525/5225 Original
712 Original

BH Fuser Assembly Price

Voltage OEM Number Medel
220V RG9-1494-000 HP3525/4525/4025
110V RG9-1493-000
220V RM1-4008-000 HP3600/2700/3800/   3000/3505
110V RM1-4007-000
220V RM1-0655-000 hp4000/4050
110V RM1-0654-000
220V RM1-2086-000 HP4100
110V RM1-2096-000
220V RM1-2050-000 HP4200
110V RM1-2049-000
220V RM1-2337-000 hp4250/4350
110V RM1-1289-080
220V RM1-4209-000 HP4300
110V RM1-4228-000
220V RM1-7547-000 hp4345mfp
110V RM1-7546-000
220V RG5-5569-000 HP4014/4015/4515
110V RG5-5559-000
220V RM1-0355-050 HPM601/602
110V RM1-0354-050
220V RM1-4248-000 hp4555
110V RM1-4247-000
220V RM1-6406-000 HP604/605/606
110V RM1-6405-000
220V RM1-1537-050 HP630
110V RM1-1535-000
220V RG5-7573-000 HP401
110V RG5-7572-000
220V RM1-6739-000 hp  4700/4730MFP
110V RM1-6738-000
220V RM1-3741-050 HP4600
110V RM1-3740-000
220V RM1-6319-000 HP4650
110V RM1-6274-000
220V RM1-0430-090 HP5000
110V RM1-0428-000
220V RG5-7061-000 Lexmark E250
110V RG5-7060-000
220V RM1-2524-000 Lexmark E260
110V RM1-2522-000
220V RG5-6701-000 Lexmark T640
110V RG5-6848-000
220V RG5-7692-000 Lexmark T650
110V RG5-7691-000
220V RM1-6095-000 Lexmark W810
110V RM1-6123-000
220V RM1-6081-000
110V RM1-6180-000
220V RM1-9373-000
110V RM1-9372-000
220V RM1-8737-000
110V RM1-8736-000
220V RG5-6533-000
110V RG5-6532-000
220V RG5-5751-000
110V RG5-5750-000
220V RM1-9814-000
110V RM1-9712-000
220V RM1-3244-000
110V RM1-3242-000

BH Fuser Film Sleeve Price

Model Type Model Type
HP1010/1020/1000/1200/1300/1015/1160/1320/1012/1022/1050/1150 Original HP2035/2055/1606/1536 Original
Grade A Grade A
HP1007/1008/1005/1006/CANON LBP2900/3000 Original HP P3015/M525/M521 Original
Grade A Grade A
HP1100/3200/1100A、1120 CANON L100/120/140/160 Grade A HP435/701/706/700/712 /725 Grade A
HP4L/4P/5P/6P/CANON FC200/210/220/230 Grade A HP3600/2700/3800/3000/3505 Original
HP5L/6L/3100 CANON LBP460/460/L200/240/250/290/295 Original Grade A
Grade A hp4700/4730MFP/4005 Original
HP2100/4000/4050 CANON LBP1000 Original Grade A
Grade A HP3525/4525/4025 Original
HP2200/2200D/2300/2400/2410/2420/2430/3005/CANON FAX L2000 Original Grade A
Grade A HP2840/2550/2820 Original
HP4100 Original HP4015/4515/M601/M602/4555/M603/640 Original
Grade A Grade A
HP4200 Original HP4600/4650 Original
Grade A HP5500/5550 Original
HP5000/5100/5200/M5035 CANON LBP3500/3900 Original HP5525/5225/775/CANON LBP9100 Original
Grade A Grade A
CANON IR1018/1020/1022/1024 Grade A HP806/830/M806DN/M830 /M806/M830 Grade A
CANON IR2016/2020 Original Grade B
CANON IR2016/2020 Grade A HP3500/3700 Original
CANON IR2018/2022/2025/2030 Original Lexmark MS610 MS710 MS810,MS811 MX810 MX811 Grade A
Grade A Grade B
CANON IR2200/2800/3300 Original Brother 5440/5445/5450/5452/5470/6180/6182/8110/8112/8150/8152/8155/8157/8510/8512/8515/8520/8710/8712/8910/8912/8950/8952,                                                   Lenovo 8600/8900/3700/3800 Grade A
Grade A
CANON IR2200/2870/3570/4570 Original
Grade A Grade B
HP4250/4300/4350/4345 Original
Grade A KONICA C284/C280/C360/C224/C364/C220/C554/C221/C450 Original
HP P1505/M1120/1522 Original
Grade A Grade A


BH Pressure Roller

Model Type Model Type
HP1010/1020/1000/1200/1300 Pressure Roller Original HP4014/4015/ 4515 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A Grade A
hpP1008/P1005/P1006/ P1007 Pressure Roller Original HP601/602 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A Grade A
hp1010/1012/1015/3015/3030/3020 Pressure Roller Original HP4555 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A Grade A
HP1020/1018/M1005 Pressure Roller Original HP604/605/606 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A Grade A
hp1022/hp1319mfp/3050/3052/3055/M1005 Pressure Roller Original HP630 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A Grade A
HP1320/2727/3390/3392/1600 Pressure Roller Original HP400/401 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A Grade A
hp1505/1522MFP/M1120 Pressure Roller Original HP4700/4730 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A Grade A
HP2200 Pressure Roller Grade A HP4600/4650 Pressure Roller Original
HP2300 Pressure Roller Grade A
HP2015 Pressure Roller Original HP5000 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A Grade A
HP2035/2055 Pressure Roller Original HP5100 Pressure Roller Original
HP2420/2400 Pressure Roller Original Grade A
Grade A HP5200/5035/ 5025 Pressure Roller Original
HP2550/2840/2820 Pressure Roller Original Grade A
Grade A HP5500/5550 Pressure Roller Grade A
HP3005 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A HP5225/5525 Pressure Roller Original
HPP3015 Pressure Roller Original
Grade A HP775 Pressure Roller Original
HP3525/4025/4525 Pressure Roller Original Grade A
Grade A HP712 Pressure Roller Original
HP3600/2700/3800/3000/3505 Pressure Roller Original Grade A
Grade A HP8150 Upper Roller Grade A
HP4000/4050 Pressure Roller Grade A Pressure Roller
HP4100 Pressure Roller Grade A HP9000 Upper Roller Original
HP4200 Pressure Roller Original Grade A
Grade A Pressure Roller Original
HP4250/4300/4345/4350 Pressure Roller Original Grade A
Grade A
Baihui technology co.,ltd
address: liwan district , panlong industrial park, guangzhou, china

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